DPS that can support

What are some DPS servants that can also serve supportive/secondary damage dealer roles?
And what qualities does a servant need to fill these roles?

The best is probably Nero Bride, she has three extremely potent, targetable buffs, allowing her to support another DPS or keep her power for herself. She can serve either role, but not simultaneously.

Another notable example would be Lancer Raikou, as she has a great party buff and one of the strongest, targetable buster buffs in the game, and both reinforce her own gameplan perfectly.

I am sure others will have more suggestions, but those are the two that first come to my mind.


Penth can dish major DAMAGE while giving two damage team-wide support in the form of a Buster Up and an Attack up. Her mini version, Bunyan, can clear smaller waves and has team-wide supp, as well.

Tristan and David with their team-wide evasion can serve as DPS though if their damage is undesirable then you can maybe mitigate it with enough grails, NP Levels and Fous.

Wanted to add Ozymandias since he seems to be the most obvious example. He gives a Charisma and a 3rd skill that enables most chance-based skills to be easier to activate.


I’m a big fan of AoE DPS who also have options for boosting the party while wave clearing. Ereshkigal, Anastasia, Semiramis, Helena (conventional wisdom calls her a support, but her wave clear is what sets her apart), Parvati, etc.


Sherlock is a pretty good example. Crit damage dealer with a very good supportive NP, and Ruler class actually gives a 1.1x damage modifier, so that helps out in neutral damage.


Maid Alter
Bedivere (just a little bit)
Artoria summer
Summer Raikou
Nero Bride
Nero Caster
Rider Ishtar

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You could make the argument that any unit with a Charisma could satisfy this role, since while standard, it is one of the most common and useful party-wide buffs.

Barring that, you’d need to make the distinction between a unit like Merlin/Waver that is focused around their support rather than self-damage (especially in their cards) versus a “hit-em-very-hard” unit like say Heracles or Musashi.

I’d vouch for some good damage dealing units with strong support including the following:

  • Nero Claudius (Bride): Deals pretty strong damage on her own but has targetable buffs.
  • David: Deals relatively strong ST damage for rarity but also provides offensive and defensive utility
  • Artoria Pendragon (Archer): Deals strong ST damage while also providing a unique Male-heavy Charisma and party defense on self Arts buff
  • Tristan: Similar to David in that he drops the Charisma, keeps the party-wide Evade, and focuses more on independent damage
  • Chiron: Deals moderate ST damage, may be considered by most to be support-only but still can deal independent damage despite party focus
  • Napoleon: Decent AoE damage yet also provides party-wide Charisma and NP boost, as well as passive crit star gen
  • Tamamo (Lancer): Provides a Male-heavy Charisma and also utility in the form of charming and DEF down
  • Jeanne d’Arc (Alter Santa Lily): Provides healing and attack to her team on NP with a minor targetable heal
  • Minamoto-no-Raikou (Lancer): Very strong ST damage while also providing a great Charisma and targetable Buster buff that removes debuffs
  • Ereshkigal: Decent AoE damage with a great and fun-to-use supporting skill that boosts party stats on NP after use
  • Ozymandias: Great ST damage with NP seal on NP use, has a good Charisma and 20% party NP charge
  • Queen Medb: Provides a lot of anti-Male utility while also providing a male-heavy Charisma
  • Ishtar (Rider): Great AoE NP that shreds critical stars and also provides Quick/Buster/NP gain boost to party
  • Sakamoto Ryouma: Arts heavy ST rider with good Arts buff and 10% party-wide NP charge (with debuff resist, but who cares?), and a minor Charisma
  • Iskandar: Strong AoE damage with an equally strong Charisma and NP damage UP for all allies
  • Caster of Okeanos: Decent ST damage with the potential to “Stun” enemies on her ST NP, also provides crit star drop rate UP and debuff removal for allies, DEF down on all enemies
  • Nero Claudius (Caster): Very strong AoE damage with the rare targetable Guts that also comes up a hefty ATK up
  • Shuten-Douji: Decent AoE damage while also providing a good Charisma and enemy-wide charm + DEF down
  • Semiramis: Decent AoE damage with a very nice enemy-wide Buster Resist down
  • Penthesilea: A bit of a mini-Merlin that deals Berserker damage given her great Charisma and party-wide Buster up
  • Paul Bunyan: Similar to Penthesilea in her party-wide Buster Up while also providing an enemy-wide DEF and HEAL down
  • Sherlock Holmes: Party-wide buffs on easy-to-charge NP with a DEF down on enemies, loves to crit himself despite enabling it for everyone else to boot

Of course, some of these might be controversial picks, though I do believe they are all DPS-first with worthwhile supportive elements to boot. I might have missed some, but this is a decent overview.


This is a good point. I have always thought of Helena(s) as “Support who can also sometimes clear wave 1”, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use them as AoE DPS. I mean, besides their generally potato damage, but people have done fine with worse.


Helena has an NP interlude, so she’s fine for basic waves even if her buff fails to proc.


I find that caster Helena is really good at AoE damage so long as her NP strength buff activates. Archer I haven’t tried yet, but she may be good as well.
Of course, both of mine are NP5 since I quite like her, so that might not apply to most people~


Ozy! Team battery, charisma, plus def down and np seal on np.

Santera and Chiron also have some nice team buffs.


I only have Archer Helena at NP1, so I really shouldn’t judge the Caster version, I guess.

She give a 20% quick up to the team and have a targetable 50% star gen and a cooldown reduction and with her upgrade a 2k extra HP
NP: give crit down to one enemy

His evil charisma and his upgrade to make his teammates evil
NP: give Def down to the one enemy

16% ATK up and a 20% quick up
NP: give stars

16% NP strengt up and 30% Def both one turn only

She is a good star generator and give a 3000% star gather plus 40% crit up plus 3k heal

NP gen and star gen(i don’t remember the exact amount of the buffs) and a one turn debuff invul, and she can focus the atacks of her for one turn
NP: greatly decrease crit chance of one enemy

A 20% charisma plus 20% crit up
NP:in the future her is going to give you 20 stars just fotos using it

A 19% charisma and a 50% star gen


No one has mentioned BB yet. Weird.


I like how Tomoe is like a parent who supports her team to make more stars then but doesn’t trust them with being responsible it yet so she takes the stars.


As the responsable mother that she is :fgo_moriartysmile:


Sometimes this backfires on him :fgo_rinlaugh:


Sakamoto Ryouma! Great addition to arts/crit teams since all his skills are teamwide, and he can benefit from them himself. Being a welfare, he’s easily NP5 so that helps with his damage.


She may not be that high in the charts, but Lancer Elizabeth also counts too with her female heavy charisma plus ST def down. She adds up to a total of 60% in damage through her buffs/debuffs.


10% NP charge per turn + 30% NP Damage Up to Party, Def down + fear, Atk Down + Np Drain, Buff Removal + Crit chance Down on NP, passive 2 Stars per turn.