Dragalia Lost got Another Crossover?!

Oh my God please… We just got our first crossover. :sob:


And it isn’t even a crossover.


It was an ad


Well technically TMS is in and of itself a crossover, so…make of that what you will.

Well, keep in mind. Dragalia is run by a different company. They’re known for crossing over with other games, and even their own games.

Hell, Albert from Dragalia is in all of the other games they’ve made.


I know, but seeing them have all of these crossovers makes me kinda envious.

Would’ve rather had a different monster and not Rathalos, but I guess.

Dragalia lost is ok. But its also getting agressive. Its comunity utterly unpleasent to anyone wanting to go against the grain. Bias, I can only compare it to yugioh. Who has the most toxic elitist fan base I have ever encountered. They herald a dps calculater like its god and admonish creativity.

Ive seen them go as far as calling out on non meta clears and shitting the people brave enough to try something different.

I prefer feh’s community, though I have run into some disgusting people in my previous domain, they can respect a guy who clears an abyssal with Wrys or Narcian.

Other than that. Yea. The crossovers can be fun. :feh_lucyshrug:


To be fair though, how would you feel if your Grand Conquests brigade suddenly got forced to be all armors when the bonuses are for Fliers? Or if your perfectly good flier ball for Astra season got swapped for units built for Arena? That’s kinda how it feels sometimes in certain co-ops for Dragalia. Like no offense to anti-meta DL players (I actually used Rawn at launch, tbh. Full on invested and whatnot) but keep it to solo or Discord based co-ops instead. Makes it less aggravating for randos and pubs to deal with it.

I literally had to waste a half hour trying to get Expert Void Agni clears because someone thought Lily was perfectly viable and kept rejoining the room despite her always dying to the same move because she gets Stunned by Heat Seeker, then targeted and killed by Devastation. Everyone else knew the fight and what to do but this person insisted that they could go against the meta for the fight, to the point where my melee had to draw Devastation by moving out of attack range so she would survive.

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Lily is fine in void agni. Its only a problem if that person sucks and cant invest right. Ranged units do not need the anti scorching air. There is no unavoidable damage.

Edit: Armors are so broken in feh I dont think It would matter.

Heat Seeker is a purple that literally targets everyone, and you can’t easily skip it on Expert unless you run High Merc weapons (which at that point, why are you even fighting Void Agni, aside from endeavors) or forgo staves for more gauge acceleration. Not to mention Lily can’t get Skill Res Penetrator so her DPS (which is a big reason to even run her) is neutered compared to Water Bows.

Still though, it gets frustrating, especially when it’s the root of your failures half the time.

Also part of why I don’t mind DPS meta in Dragalia is because the lack of PvP makes it easier to just play how I want to. We only had like one PvP thing ever(the Time Attack HDTs) and the entire DL community hated it, funnily enough.

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Ahhh. I know what your talking about. I was thinking of the other one. Heat seaker stuns lol? Ive passed Void agni with a Thaniel as a healer.

So I cant say off res has ever bothered me. Lily is fragile, depends on investment at that point. I suppose.

Edit: Im not really bad at Feh anymore. I wouldnt fail with a team of armors. But thats a different discussion and a terrible example. My point is, people have cleared mhms with Aurien and HBH with with burnables. Its a skill problem, not a dps or character problem.

Keep in mind this is Expert too. Agni actually one shots most Ranged units with Devastation at that point, even with full investment. I don’t mind it too much for most co-ops but Expert Void Battles and HDTs tend to get on my nerves in that regard.

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I wouldnt know. Ive never struggled with expert. :feh_lucyshrug:


Honestly, most toxic elite fanbase is League of Legends. Like, YuGiOh ain’t great. But league is something else :feh_sharenacry:


Yeah, I think most of the gaming community says that League of Legends has one of the most, if not the most, toxic community.

laughs in 8 year in LoL without even a warning for toxicity
i’m anti-toxicity incarnate, try me

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I felt that LoL community was like kindergaden in heaven when compared with Dota players.

I forgot about lol. shivers :feh_disgusting:

They’re also not the best.

I don’t recall though. Haven’t played either in years for a reason :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

Tell me about it, you can propably see a post in the DL GP with me telling somebody about my PS with what i had on my best unit yet the person insisted that his team had 7000ps per character with what he stated and i showed a pic with my best unit and even saying what lv the towers were on to show that my PS was near 6500ps on W!Cleo to prove otherwise, but by that time several people joined in stating the same thing (even one person said there weapon towers were at lv17… at 26000ps teams? right…) on what they had and insisted they had high ps, so i figured at that point they were trolling.