Dragon Ball legends Android 10 no notifications help?

Hello everyone I’ve just started playing all Dragon Ball legends on Android 10 I’ve noticed that I am not getting any notifications at all when playing the game which includes adventure ,training ,energy restored ,banners and events

I have also played with the notification settings turned off all notifications setting in the game I’ve left the notification setting on Android 10, I was hoping that would of fixed it, but it hasn’t changed is there any way to fix this problem as the previous time I played legends on a Sony Xperia z5 premium I didn’t have this issue I’ve got a different phone now but the phone’s not a problem but operating system is.

I’ve got a couple screenshots for this problem.

Android 10 DbL legends notifications

Dragon Ball legends notifications

I also have read from last year’s some people have had issues with this and also people have had issues with Android 10 and Android 9 has this problem be fixed and will I ever get notification on Android 10?

My apologies for my grammar and punctuation

Thank you