Dragon Emblem C-Skills and Seals

I managed to pull Naga from the recent banner and have since included her on my long worked on Dragon Emblem Team. Her teammates include F!Grima, Halloween Myrrh and Adrift F!Corrin. With the members of the team finally in place I’m curious as to which C-Skills and Seals would work best with them.

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I’d just throw dragon buffs or tactics buffs since you have 2 fliers, 1 infantry, and 1 armor.

F!Grima, her Res Smoke is pretty good, but you can include an expensive option (this is also viable on Naga) like Guidance for armor mobility.

Yeah, you could definitely go tactics, or for a more expensive but more powerful option you could do Dragon buffs. I’d consider running Guidance seal on F!Grima or Naga, to help ferry H!Myrrh around, since she doesn’t have another armor to use Armor March with. You can also run Armored Boots for Myrrh’s Seal slot to help her mobility when she’s still at full HP. Adrift Corrin already has Fortify Dragons, which is gonna be your best friend. Myrrh, Grimy and Naga are gonna tank hard with it. Naga or Grimy could go on the offensive with a Darting Blow seal or Atk/Sod bond. Keep Naga’s native C slot, it should be useful. You can also run Attack Smoke on Myrrh or Grimy’s C slot to help them tank, it is a great option for tanking multiple threats one after another.