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I want to build a dragon team, and I was curious what people thought were the best units for me to put in it. The attached image has all my current dragons, plus Y!Tiki, Duma, and Fallen Tiki (F!Tiki? Not sure of the abbreviation). Which of them should I use in a dragon team?
I have access to most common fodder skills, with the notable exceptions is DC, null c disrupt, and null follow up.
In addition, what units should I look for to improve my team later?

@Venatorio :eyes:

I’d say… H! Myrrh, L! Tiki, Nagi, and FF! Corrin :thinking:


My thoughts exactly.


i see dragarmor. I see only one possible option.

Hallomyrrh, L!tiki, Grima, Fallen Tiki


Thanks. I was kinda hoping to move away from the armors though… I usually play armor. Is there any decent option in there with no more than 1 armor? Sorry to be difficult, probably should have put this in my first post.

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Sure, and since there’s no DC fodder, I’d do it this way:

A!Tiki, Nowi (both with native Lightning Breath) OG Myrrh, and either Fallen Corrin or Fallen Tiki, your pick. I’d probably say Corrin, but that’s just me. OG Myrrh is leaps and bounds better with DC, so I’d prioritize getting her that when you’re able. You already have her best boon too, to after 1 merge, she’ll be set.

All of those units are solid with some investment, there are 1 gazillion builds for Tiki and Nowi out there, (I’ve been using the standard Steady Breath+QR build since forever, and it’s way overdone but it still works like a charm) approximately 1 build for OG Myrrh (DC/QR/Hone Dragons/Iote’s) and Fallen Corrin is legit broken so you really can’t go wrong with her no matter what.

Well first, you ALWAYS use Duma. Myrrh and ninian you can use for dragon buffs and then you could use garon to protect against dragon killers. But this is units I would use but it’s nice to help someone with dragon units!

Nothing wrong with using armours. I use them all the time myself, and Ven here is an expert in the field.

From what I can see, HalloMyrrh, M!Grima (IVs on both?), L!Tiki, then Fallen Tiki. Might want to give M!Grima/L!Tiki Armour March so the team can all reliably move 2 spaces per turn, even though Fallen Tiki’s C covers that for herself.

Thing is, I’d say use 1 non-dragon armour with them, so you have both damage types and someone to help against dragon effectiveness. What Axe/Sword/Lance/Beast armours do you have?

Thanks for the help.

I’ve actually got DC on OG Myrrh already, so I think that should help a lot. Would it potentially better to use Myrrh, F!Tiki, F!Corrin, and either nowi or A!Tiki? I know I’d lose triangle coverage for doing that, but my understanding was that the fallen units were a bit better. Might be wrong though, I don’t know that much about non armors.

I’m not a huge fan of Duma. I tried using him for a while, and I don’t really like how he plays. Idk why, just doesn’t really work for me.

H!Myrrh is neutral but +1, Grima I don’t recall. My hope though was to build a team that wasn’t armor based not because I don’t like armors, but because I like them too much and rarely use anything else. My main team right now is H!Myrrh, L!Tiki, H!Jakob, and L!Hector.

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You guys didn’t @I_Am_Fish smh

You don’t really need to worry about color coverage if your running fallen corrin. She more or less can kill whatever you don’t cover. Honestly you probably don’t need a red unit in there and could even double down on colorless with fallen tiki and fallen Corrin

Without DC and null follow up you mighty find it takes a couple extra moves to finish things with fallen corrin though so just keep that in mind. There’s nothing wrong with the old standard of a breath and QR on gen 1 dragons either if you’re just looking to clear PvE stuff.

If you’re worried about mobility using those armored dragons consider giving summer young tiki guidance in her seal or c slot though to help the team move around. Even ground orders could be a potentially great skill for her as well. Too many people sleep on her ability to ferry dragarmor teams around and still provide buffs and support to them. Same can be said about myrrh though and you said she already has dc so consider distant counter, guidance c slot and iote’s shield in the seal.

As far as units to look for you seem to want to use infantry over armor, I’m the same way tbh. Try seeing if you can nab either of the adrift corrin to use. Male version even comes with null follow up to boot if you don’t like using him.

Male kana is never a bad choice and if you’re willing to invest grails to merge him up he will serve you better than Nowi would. Same could be said for female kana but she’s locked behind 5 star and I would recommend merging up a Fae before her anyway.

I’m more than willing to throw a few builds your way if you want me to as well. Especially if it’s a Tiki build.

Thanks. I think I’ll go for Myrrh, F.F!Corrin, and F!Tiki, but I’m not sure what to use for the last slot between A!Tiki (+def) and Nowi (+atk). Which would you suggest, and how should I build it? In addition, I could use some help with affordable builds for fallen corrin, if anyone has suggestions there. I don’t think I want to merge up M!Kana because I’m currently working on the burger king.

Myrrh and F!Tiki already have distant counter so I’m tentatively leaning breath of fog A!Tiki I think. I could easily be convinced to go the other way though.

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Oh, I didn’t realize Myrrh already had DC, that makes things easy. (Also this wasn’t a reply, so that’s why I didn’t see your response post until now, there wasn’t a notification)

A!Tiki is a solid choice, Nowi too. Nowi has the benefit of handling Falchions better than anyone else on the team, and Myrrh can usually handle both blues and greens if needed. So that’s something to consider. There are a lot of dangerous red swords running around, and having a triangle advantage against them is going to be especially helpful on a dragon team. Beyond that, I’d try the team with Nowi/Myrrh/F!Corrin/F!Tiki, and maybe try subbing out for A!Tiki and seeing which one works better. If you don’t lose much by dropping the red color, then why not. Definitely weird for me to run two colorless though, but those two units are ridiculously strong.

Nowi is a better generalist pick in your situation. Only thing to watch out for would be Julia and deidre. They would basically body your entire team without an A!Tiki to take care of them.

You mentioned earlier you would be willing to help me with builds. What suggestions do you have for the Nowi and FF!Corrin Builds? I don’t ever play infantry, so I don’t really know how to build them. F!Tiki and Myrrh are already built, although if you have suggestions for them I would love to hear them.

If you have DC on the corrin the. A simple vantage build with glimmer will work great along with a brazen seal with attack smoke in c slot.

Nowi depends on what kind of IV she has. If she isn’t speed boon with a refine in speed then run QR. you might want to run QR anyway though to ensure she hits twice. She can run with a close defense or distant defense seal depending on preference. Nothing wrong with the simple breath and aether build though. You can run bonus doubler for something more damage focused though.

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Thanks. Nowi is +atk, so I think I’ll run a breath, QR, and a dragon buff in C with aether. As for Corrin, I don’t have DC, so I think I’ll probably go atk/spd solo in A. I’m not sure about her B slot though. Should I still run Vantage? From what I’ve gathered, the easy options seem to be Vantage + Glimmer + Brazen seal, or Guard or Sudden Panic with some other special (aether or bonfire?). What would you suggest?

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