Dragon showcase summon

I was wondering if it’s worth summoning on this banner, or waiting till something better shows up.

I’m mainly after Prometheus, as I only have one copy and find him very useful for surviving powerful wind attacks. Long Long could also be nice, as I have two of him currently, making it easier to get him fully unbound (although I don’t know which character should use him). Gilgamesh looks cool, although he’s not the priority,

I currently have 3255 wyrmite and 16 tickets. Should I summon now, or wait for an even better banner to show up (like a gala banner)?

I would say it mostly depends, but usually it’s not worth it.

You can clear all end game content with MUB 4* dragons, which doing so is way easier than even getting a single copy of a 5* dragon. However, if you really want a 5* dragon or you have someone who would love to have an specific dragon (like Lin You and Long Long being the perfect combo) then it’s okay to pull. But then, you can get any dragon from normal banner pulls, so as I said, it’s usually better to just pull on limited/gala banners.