Dragon Team

Hello everyone,

I’ve a question about Dragon Team. I want to make a dragon team that doesn’t have armored units in it and I was wondering what you would advice me.

Recently I got Sothis (+atk/-res) and Nah (+def/-hp) while I invested in my A!Tiki (+5 +atk) and also have Bantu at my disposal. The rest of my team consists of a Nowi (+3 +def) with LB+def, SB, Guard and Infantry Pulse 3 and a Kana (+1 +atk) with Sun Dragonstone +effect, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Distant Counter, QR3 and Goad Dragons.

Is it wise to use Ninian (neutral) as Dancer with Adult Tiki / Sothis / Nah / Bantu or should I use two reds. Currently I am using Adult Tiki and Sothis


Yes, a dancer is always good to have. Just don’t expect her to do much fighting. Though you have Nowi so you should be alright.

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Hmm, you could use some variety and put Ninian with a “rainbow” team (all 4 colors).

For red you can put whoever you like but maybe you’ll like Sothis due to the anti-effectiveness and high speed + strong special skill.
Green can be F!Kana.
Do you have a colorless dragon? If not you can put Nowi, she seems ready to support and tank

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Yes, I forgot to say I have a L!Robin +1 atk. I used her primarily for my flier emblem as anti-bow but doesn’t need her anymore in there.

Will she be an asset for this team or is the competition just too strong?

Thanks for the advice.

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@Venatorio is the dragon expert here

As a flying support for dragons L!Robin can be good. Aerobatics or Guidance with Movement Assist can help, especially if she’s packing Dragon buffs in the C Slot.

Sothis is pretty much the go to Dragon for countering Falchion/Naga if you don’t want to build Garon. Garon has better Tank potential but he needs more investment than Sothis.

Female Kana is good for EP build, thanks to Sun Dragonstone. Keep in mind she’s not too fast, and her Res isn’t high enough for mixed tanking.

Ninian is a solid Dancer pick. You can try giving her Infantry Pulse or stick with Fortify Dragons as support.

Ahh good, you have L!Robin, let’s see…
L!Robin has been powercrept by a few colorless dragons that are really stronger such as F!Y!Tiki (though she’s also quite known for her rare fodder).

You can use her if you’d like to have a unit of each color and don’t have the stronger units listed in the table above or if you like her, even if she’s not the strongest one she can still serve a purpose.

Another choice is to use a dragon of another color, Nowi is a really great unit who you can build in different ways due to her balanced nature all-around and high HP