Dragonite question


My wife hatched a 100% Dratini this morning. She is at Level 37 and currently has five Dragonites between level 32 and 35, the best being an 89% with 14 atk. She also has a 96% Rayquaza at level 35, a 98% Dialga at Level 30, a 98 % Latios at Level 33 and 84% Salamence at level 32. Is there any likelihood that Dratini will get another community day with a move that will be superior to DT/O? If so, I might tell her to wait. Otherwise, I think she’ll evolve and power this one up now. She has 642 candies and ~2,000,000 dust.


While unlikely, I’m personally holding onto my hundo Dratini (now Dragonair) should Dragon Claw become available again because variety. Dragon Rush is the only offensive dragon-type attack left to add from the main series that Dragonite can learn and it’s something I’d see Garchomp getting before Dragonite. That’s purely speculative though and I’ve been wrong with special move predictions before.

Barring a move re-work or a busted Dragon Rush being added DT/OR is the best Dragonite’s ever going to get. They’ve also yet to double-dip on Community Days so we don’t know if they’d add another new move to its arsenal or give it Draco Meteor again.


Highly unlikely Dratini will get another CD with a new move. If anything Niantic will just add a new move to the pool and if it’s better than Outrage you can TM it.


I expect that if there is ever another reprise for getting event moves on one or more past community day pokemon, they will get the same event moves that they received before.

Outrage is better than Draco Meteor. While there is a small argument that can be made in favor of unlocking a second charge move for a Dragonite with both Draco Meteor and Outrage, it is a high cost for a very situational and marginal advantage.


I’d tell her to do it now…

She’ll get a lot of use out of that 100 dragonite long before it could get bumped off her squad. And likelihood of her regretting it due to a better version coming along is slim to none.

In a hypothetical scenario where Draco Meteor gets a buff making it better than outrage, there are better users of DM out there. So you lose nothing by not having it on Dragonite. I just applied this logic when TM’ing DM off one of my level 40 Dragonites to get it to Outrage to help with a tough Latios raid. I’m not going to feel bad if randomly DM gets buffed and outperforms Outrage, because I’ll just TM a few Salamance to DM and power up Palkia and Dialga who will be better users of DM instead. Your wife sounds like she’s in a similar position - with good Salamance/Dialga options to use DM instead of the Dragonite.

She should finish maxing out that Rayquaza though.