Dragonslasher on debuff kaze?

Gonna switch cancel for windsweep and is supporting him with saizo, basically got all of the plans for him except his weapon. Do I stick with his refined weapon, or give him dragonslasher? If it helps I’m making a dagger team of all males.

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Splashy Bucket is better than Dragonslasher on Kaze, because Kaze has a good Res stat to sponge dragon attacks thanks to Splashy Bucket disabling adaptive damage. With Dragonslasher, his low Def is a liability against dragons because he can’t run Desperation (the Dragonslasher’s Hardy Bearing effect renders Desperation and Vantage useless on the both the user and its target) and he doesn’t have the Attack to one shot, especially since a lot of dragons possess high bulk.

But you clearly don’t have the bucket if you’re asking this. Personally I think Sothe would be a better choice for a Dragonslasher because of his much higher Attack.

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I have sothe! If that’s the case then he’ll get dragonslasher and kaze stays with his own weapon.
I want bucket, but pulling it is not easy…

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Get Disarm Trap instead. Larum has dragonslasher and Disarm Trap and better get the trap for like Eir or Kronya to make AR easier. Today’s match was a cakewalk as they put all 4 traps at the entrance to the map, and was able to disable the lightning trap and take the gravity trap with someone else (could have disabled, but didn’t need to).

Not much of a pve type. I only do pve stuff for the rewards, but not much else, so sothe gets dragonslasher… hm, if I make support between him an ryoma I’ll have a pretty balanced dagger team…