Drapion in Ultra League

Does anybody used him in UL? I have Skorupi 15atk/14def/15hp I could evolve, but I wonder how it feels to use him and which moves to choose. Right now my UL team that helped me get many wins (most of all Leagues) is
Clefable 15atk/15def/14hp Charm/Psychic/Meteor Mash 2432CP
Registeel 13atk/15def/14hp Lock-On/Flash Cannon/Focus Blast 2410CP
Drifblim 15atk/15def/13hp Hex/Shadow Ball/Icy Wind 2374CP

I checked Drapion matchups on PvPoke and it’s pretty close to Clefable (most important; wins against Giratinas) and also covers my team biggest weakness from pre-season- Fire types.

I was thinking Bite (for Giratinas)/Fell Stinger (atk boosts)/ Agua Tail (ground and fire types coverage).

How did you cover Swampert?

Swampert is easy; send Drifblim, block first HC, spam Icy Wind for debuff (if you’re lucky, they can use 1 shield). After second IW people most of the time switch it’s own Pokemon and most of the time it is Giratina. Charge one more Icy Wind and decide whether to save it for later or use it now, then switch (in this scenario I save IW for later and finish Giratina with Clefable. After switch they need to wait to switch out again, so I can finish Giratina and save some energy then use Charge move on whatever they send in before fainting. Then depending on mon they send I can use Drifblim to debuff/finish him before sending Registeel). Sometimes people switch as soon as I send in Drifblim (and again, most of the time they send Giratina as counter) but you can still manage to outmaneuver them with debuffs and make them use at least 1 shield.
Swampert is theoretically easy to pick out with this strategy, but it can become more problematic depending on what they switch in Swampert place (and my biggest weakness were fire types).

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I have a 100iv and best buddy. Gonna try him for the coming ultra league. I am struggling with which fast move to go. Ice Fang is really good for Giratina, Togekiss, and all grass type. But the charge move is too predictable, hard to bait shields.

I would go with fell stinger for the boost and crunch for the other.

With ice fang fast move. My bad
Edit: Never mind aqua tail is better than crunch imo