Dratini Community Day Memories

So we’ve got the new Community Day classic coming up, and seeing that the star of the day will be Dratini brought back a few memories of its first run. In my case, I was excited to farm a bunch of candy as my ace at the time was my perfect Dragonite that I was still slowly raising, so I went absolutely ham on this day, gathering as much candy as I could and managing to catch a 96% Dratini along the way that became my second Dragonite with Draco Meteor.

The other big memory for me is the fact that, despite not wasting a single second throughout the entire event, I never encountered a single shiny. I’ve never had that happen before or since, but the odds of that happening have to be borderline astronomical. Didn’t score a shiny Dratini until the December re-run!

With my memories out of the way, let me ask; do you have any stories from the first Dratini Community Day? If so, I’d really love to hear them.

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Played in a really rad park here (one of many) and it was definitely bumping. Groups showed up for sure. I did get a shiny pink Dratini. Don’t remember the raids but there’s a ton of gyms at that park so we were there the whole duration. I don’t have that many friends so I can’t elaborate on how great that aspect was :joy: but I imagine it was for those who could enjoy it that way.

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After Pikachu CD being so pointless I didn’t grasp the point of CDs, so being the anti-social bastard that I am, I stayed at home. Caught about 6 dratini, none of them shiny, not enough candy to evolve one.

On the up-side, Preston lost at home to Ipswich and Blackpool won away at Portsmouth so I do have good memories of that day.


That particular community day was when we still had people that had some mapping services available and a friend and myself drove around to go after a couple 100% IV dratini. Neither of us got a shiny. Then with just a few minutes left in the event my friend caught a random shundo that wasn’t showing up on the map.

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I don’t have any stories regarding all of the old community days, but I will make few new stories on my own in all these events !

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I missed the day as was catching a plane that Sunday. Still got a shiny on the cab to the airport.

That was early days. My daughter was still quite young and got bored after about an hour of catching Dratini at the park. So, I suggested that we walk down to the toy store, that bought me some time.

Then I suggested that we walk to a restaurant, and ended up spending the whole time catching.

I got one shiny. The odds were lower back then.

That day I caught two shinies and caught a third and a fourth at the Christmas rerun that year. My partner and I just played here in the village where we live… where we had added, via Ingress, a number of stops and gyms and managed to get five stops in fairly close proximity to each other. Local folks still lure and enjoy those stops to this day, every community day. :upside_down_face:

I had got my first and only Dragonite because of the Community Day: Classic.

The Dratini evolved here was the one which I had caught in the wild during some event. Finally evolved it, and I am happy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

I think preferred fast move is Dragon Breath, but I am thinking about Dragon Tail as well.

I always use Dragon Tail, wins the mirror and keeps all the other matchups, at least in MLPC.

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