Dream of Void [Fanfic] (in spirit of ServaFes, I made a meta asf doujin)

– Dream of Void –

Ritsuka: “…”

Ritsuka: “…”

Ritsuka: “…!”

???: “Oya? When did you get here, Master-san?”

Ritsuka: “…Shiki?”

???: “Shiki? Do you mean the boy or the girl?”

???: “Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter now that you’re here anyway.”

Ritsuka: “Who are you?”

???: “Oh, how do I put this… Let’s see, you’re Master-san from this place, so the one you would know would be… Right.”

Shiki: “This form should be familiar to you. I am who you would know as Ryougi Shiki.”

Shiki: “Were you sleeping Master-san? I know you tend to wander in your sleep. But still, for you to drift this far, you must be quite talented at it, aren’t you?”

Shiki: “Generations of magi and humans tried to bore they way here by force, to evoke miracle and pluck something from the realm of nonexistence to their realm of existence. All for the sake of tracing that miracle back to its source, right here.”

Shiki: “And here you are… Sleeping.”

Ritsuka: “Did… I do something bad?”

Shiki: “Bad? No… not particularly anyway. Assuming you can return, that is. And assuming that you can return the same way you came.”

Ritsuka: “Oh no…”

Shiki: “Well, it does look like you can return safely, considering the way you came in was quite… Natural? Delicate? At any rate you can return unscathed it seems, but…”

Ritsuka: “But??”

Shiki: “But you won’t remember any of this encounter. This is only your dream after all. Or I should say that you can return unscathed because it’s your dream.”

Ritsuka: “I don’t get it.”

Shiki: “Fufun. That is quite okay Master-san. Just think of it as a dream. If you don’t take anything home, then it might as well not have happened. Unless you’re not planning to return and want to travel around instead like that old man?”

Shiki: “That does not matter now. It’s been a while since anyone came here, so I still want to chat more. You are… what, the ninth? Or was there ten? The latest of those handful of people that come close to this place. Is there anything you want to ask in particular?”

Ritsuka: “Ummm… What are you?”

Shiki: “Mmmm, what am I? The answer is of course, [Nothing/Void]. But that wouldn’t satisfy you, would it? Let’s see. First of all, if the act you’re referring to as [to be] is the act of existing, being born, growing over time, and die eventually, then I am none of those.”

Shiki: “Imagine that the act of [being] as a strand of thread. On one end, you are created and born. As you move further from that end, time passes, and you grow. When you reach the other end, you die and cease to be. That span between [have not existed] and [cease to exist], that is [being]. As a human, you follow this thread Master-san.”

Shiki: “While you can only follow the thread in one direction, some human can move freely forward and backward along this thread. Some other, like that old man, can also jump sideways onto other threads. I am like neither of these.”

Shiki: “Your world is composed of these threads, and everyone you know and ever will know in your life live only on one of these threads. There are other you as well on other threads, but because you can’t move between threads, they are a separate [being], a whole other Master-san. They too move forward along their thread like you do.”

Shiki: “The threads that make up your world, all stretch across in the same direction. And in multitude, they cover the other direction sideways, creating a tapestry. This tapestry is what you would call an act of [being], or [existence].”

Shiki: “I am one who see that tapestry in its entirety. Something not bound to it. Thus, I am not part of [existence]. Naturally, that means I am [nonexistence], a [Nothing/Void]. Fufun, did you catch all that Master-san?”

Ritsuka: “But…. You’re Ryougi Shiki…”

Shiki: “Ah yes, the girl. Hmmmm, think of it this way: you have seen a tapestry before, right? Or a piece of fabric? You are not a part of that fabric, correct? But if you stick your finger on that fabric, you can manipulate it.”

Shiki: “This is what Ryougi Shiki is. A part of my finger on the fabric. A part of me that is tangible to you, that you can interact with. Make no mistake though, I am not Ryougi Shiki. I simply chose to touch the spot where Ryougi Shiki currently is. Even if she is hurt, the most it will do to me is make that spot not available for me to touch anymore.”

Ritsuka: “I… don’t think…”

Shiki: “Pay no mind to it, Master-san. This is a dream after all.”

Shiki: “You might not realize it, but you are more like Ryougi Shiki than you think, Master-san. You are a spot on the fabric something chose to touch too. Do you know that?”

Shiki: “You live on your strand of thread, and a finger keeps touching you. Tapping and tapping as time passes for you and events unfold around you. They are manipulating the fabric to bend it to their liking. Well, the fabric itself doesn’t change but they are folding it to their liking.”

Ritsuka: “There are more like you?”

Shiki: “Not exactly. From where I stand, I can’t perceive them. All I see is the fabric folding in ways I did not do, or expect to. It’s quite entertaining actually. I don’t see much unexpected things very often.”

Shiki: “It’s quite possible that they are in a place even higher than we are right now. If we can see your world like a fabric from here, then to them, we must look like a fabric that contains another fabric. In fact, I think they are tapping, even now.”

Ritsuka: “This conversation makes me kinda woozy…”

Shiki: “Oh, you’re fading Master-san. I suppose it’s about time you wake up.”

Shiki: “See you later, Master-san. Well, from here I can already see what happens to you later, every version of you, right until the day you expire. But still, you are accompanied by quite the precious and enthusiastic finger indeed. I look forward to see how your fabric folds and unfolds!”

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