Dream Summon: Hawk or Lin You

Which would you recommend? From what I’ve heard, Hawk is amazing for endgame content, Lin You has criticals and better attack speed with healing on top of that.

I’d say ultimately it should come down to your preference and whether you’d like one playstyle or another.

Unfortunately I don’t have Lin You so my opinions on her are going to more limited but she’s a very consistent high DPS unit with the ability to self-sustain. Her abilities are super easy to trigger and has a very synergistic kit with some unexpected utility in the form of sleep with her S1. She’s very powerful and it’s pretty unlikely she’ll fall out of meta for any water content soon. Her lack of poison means she is not dependent on inflictions to deal huge damage and leaves more room for other poison enablers and poison punisher units without ‘over-poisoning’.

Hawk’s damage is not as consistent as Lin You’s but has much larger burst damage to make up for it and can wipe chunks of HP in a short amount of time. However, because he is a poison punisher, he is reliant on affliction and so his damage suffers without some kind of consistent poison enabling units like Tobias and Sylas but his S2 is able to apply it for him albeit at a higher SP cost than it would be if it was an S1. His real potential lies in his S2 which can stun allowing for loads of off-element cheese runs. Even in non-water content, Hawk can still output huge amounts of damage and can make clears extremely fast under the right conditions.

Both are super strong but I would lean towards Hawk since he is usable even outside of water content so in terms of investment cost, Hawk would probably give you more use than Lin You for the same amount of resources.

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I max mana circled Lin You and I use her for endgame content. Her Sleep doesn’t seem to do much against endgame foes, but otherwise she’s good. I don’t know how well Hawk’s stun works on high level bosses, but I’ve seen many people using him in HDT.

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I have played in Public Groups and noticed that Hawk’s Stun procs better than any other Stun Inflicting Adventurer, which basically helps a lot during High Dragon Trials.

Lin You’s play style is different, but since she is an Axe, I’m a bit biased between her and VMelody. HAHAHAHA.

trick question, get Grace.

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