Dream Summon Special pick

Hey there. So, the gacha gods have been incredibly kind to me in this game, and I have 34 natural 5* adventurers in total, and aside of Garland, at least one copy of every “second generation dragon”. Now, here’s my dilemma: for the longest time, I really wanted to support the game just because I had a lot of fun with it, but none of the packs interested me enough to buy them in good conscience. This time things are different with the special, so I figured I might as well go for a pickable 5*… but then I looked at my roster, and the available adventurers, and I suddenly found myself unable to to make a choice.

So, I decided to crowdsource this and ask for some advice. Here’s my roster:

As you can see, I am not short on adventurers, and I’m pretty good on dragons as well. Out of all the available adventurers, I was thinking of either Akasha (healers are usually a safe bet), or Mikoto (I have Rena but I don’t like her playstyle), since Gala adventurers and Ieyasu are unavailable.

On the dragon front, I was thinking of either Garland (the only 2nd generation dragon I don’t have yet), Leviathan (to round out my Water roster, as that’s the only element where I don’t have four 5* dragons already), or Shinobi (the last skill dragon I’m missing, and unlike strength dragons, they seem to be more resistant to the power-creep).

I’m curious who would give me the best bang for my buck, so I’m awaiting your advice.

I want to say Leviathan, because he’s still one of the best dragons flat out, or Shinobi, as the best dark dragon. It depends on which content you want to bolster. Dark is a bit harder, on average, because Gleo.
Garland is good, but Vayu is still extremely good, and only an improvement if you can already play without getting hit.

I think Shinobi would probably be the best dragon to go for.
Leviathan is good but most situations where you use him, you can use DY!Jeanne instead.

For adventurer I’d say Delphi, he’s very useful and you have both Curran and Lathna who have poison punisher mechanics.