Drillelectric Banner Roll Thread

On July 15th, at 10:00 in-game time, a new banner drops:

6* on rate up: the best Apple Pie
5* on rate up: Reed and Broca.

Reed is a DP-on-kill vanguard with high RES and a skill to do arts damage as well as give physical damage a boost.

Broca is an AoE Guard who does arts damage on both of his skills, but the second one first stop enemies for 0.7 seconds, and then stop Broca himself for 8 seconds (on 7 at skill lvl4, for 6 on lvl7, and for 5 on M3) when it ends.

Do you roll it, do you skip it, do you roll until the guaranteed 5*+?

And since it’s not a standard headhunting banner, these Operators WON’T be in the Distinction Shop.

Easy skip for me, need none of them to fill any roles, and I’m saving for like 3 banners at once :fgo_ereshwoah:

I’ve skipped the last 3 banners in preparation for this one.

So I’ll ten roll until I get at least 1 of the 3. All 3 look great so I don’t really care which one it is. 10 rolls because getting 2 would be an added bonus.


I mean I already have Exusiai and I’m saving for W. Even if I wasn’t I don’t think hitting pity on the banner where I already have the 6* will be such a good idea.

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Skipping all banners till Bag- Nino’s Banner.

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The two 5*s look pretty cool so I’ll throw some pulls their way

I think it’s still a standard banner, if Yostar hasn’t directly said it’s not a standard banner. So far the only thing that’s not a “standard banner” is “limited banner”, which is for Nian and W.


Standard Headhunting

Limited Time Feature Banners have rate ups for a single specific UR (Summer Guardians ~ Schwarz, Dancing Lava ~ Eyjafalla, Keeper of the Lock and Keys ~ Mostima). These units don’t feature in the certificate shop.

Standard Headhunting on the other hand features two UR units on a split rate up, and rotates the rate up Operators regularly (During CC was a Saria/Siege Rate Up, before that was Exu/Hoshi), with one of the URs being featured in the cert shop

The main difference between the two is that one is always available, but has rotating rate ups. The other kind (like Drillelectric) are Limited Time banners which feature a specific UR.

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Like @ArcanaApocalypse said. And the game itself calls banners that change twice a month and have two of the featured operators in the certificate shop “Standard Headhunting”, and banners like “Drillelectric” “Limited-Time Headhunting”. I did not say that operators featured on the banner are limited, but for a limited time they appear at a higher rate. Of course, if rate up wasn’t a lie


think ill skip too, blaze banner took everything.

Okay, I’m happy and probably cursed for the rest of the year but WHO CARES! Thank you, gacha, my boy is home :heart:


A lucky banner for me too!
First 10 roll:

Would have been even better if I didn’t just get Hoshiguma from recruitment a couple of days ago but whatever, at least my pity rate wasn’t high.


Hoshiguma is not a bad dupe to get since she gets +2 dp cost at both e1 and e2. Getting that -1 dp from the first dupe helps out a bit.


But every -1DP for a defender is a win-win situation. Glares at Vulcan Plus a two new ops to play with, and lots of gold certs to boot ^^

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Yeah, I mean the first double of any 6 star is a welcome bonus.

Yeah, I’m very happy.
I’m missing both roles, so it’s paid off waiting for the banner.

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