Drop rates and chances above 100%

I was looking for item drop rates in the specific courses and came across drop rates above 100%. So for example the drop rate for the “Ultra Buff Blend” in the UH strike course is listed as 1/210%.
How can I interprete these values? Ingame it says it drops 1-3.

Sorry if this obvious to some but I haven’t found an explanation either.

Here is the mentioned example: https://gamepress.gg/pokemonmasters/story/strike-course-ultra-hard

My interpretation is that those with 200% drop chance are guaranteed for you to receive at least 2 of them, 300%, drops at least 3 of that item. I’m not sure but that’s how I read it.

I would have thought the same, but I have gotten only one multiple times already.

And it’s not 210%/3 = 70% per item either because you ALWAYS get one at least.