Dublinn enemies passing through pillars?

I got spooked by the random flamethrower guys walking straight through a pillar in H9-2, and I can’t find anything on the Internet that explains why. Is this a random property of some of the enemies that doesn’t show up in the in-game enemy information (like Bladehelm Knightclub’s resurrection), a trait of the pillars, a map specific thing, something else entirely?

Probably two situations here
First is you blocked all the ways to the blue box, in this case, the enemies will break through one of the route to pass through like breaking a road block
Second, you mentioned H9-2 so it’s probably this
Pillar can’t block banned tile so even if you see it like the above, the enemies can still waltz through it :feh_lucyshrug:

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It’s not random. Tattered pillars and Dirt Mounds can be moved upon by enemies, just that they prioritise not doing so if an alternate path exists. I think a waypoint of the first enemy Flamerazer is upon the center pillar’s position. Similar waypoints or forced routes through Dirt Mounds make foes melee those instead of doing detours.

Also, if an exit path is blocked by both a standing pillar and some debris, enemies can shortcut through the debris or through the standing pillar. Perhaps closest route is chosen. Not sure. 9-18 can showcase it.

Unlike Dirt Mounds, enemies don’t attack Tattered Pillars. So it does look odd. Whatever.

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Surprised that nobody actually answered this, but pillars that aren’t destroyed have zero block, so enemies can walk through it. Nothing special, just normal mechanics.