Duelist Guards , DP Eater Specialists and Ling's module data

i separated the duelist guards module into 2 by myself (tweets aren’t mine btw)

the first one is what i call Sustain Duelist (Skadi, Flamebringer, Matoimaru)

Skadi: HP+ 300 ATK +55
Flamebringer: ASPD+4 HP +300
Matoimaru: HP+270 ATK+35

the second effect for their module: When they die for the first time, revive with full HP , increase 30 ASPD (Flamebringer’s S2 ASPD Boost) but lower their own max HP by 60% (can be countered by Skadi’s S3 and Flamebringer’s talent since both increases their own max HP while Matoimaru’s first talent already boosts her own max HP by 20% in addition she can heal 20% of her own Max HP with her S1)

  1. Nuking Duelist (Nearl The Radiant Knight, Franka, Conviction)

Nearl The Radiant Knight: HP+230 ATK+70
Franka: HP+150 ATK+60
Conviction: ATK+50 ASPD+3

Second module effect: Deal 115% damage to blocked enemies (i assume physical damage)

  1. Merchant Specialist modules (DP Eater specialist)

Lee: HP+200 ATK+55
Mr Nothing: HP+150 ATK+45
Jaye: ATK+35 DEF+35

Second module effect: DP drain is now 2 instead of 3

  1. Ling: HP +100 ATK+30
    Second module effect: Summon stock +3, -3 DP for S1/S2 Summons, -5 DP for S3 summons

so yeah Ling is very broken on paper and Flamebringer’s S1M3 with the module ASPD boost can become pretty nasty on paper since he basically can self sustain a lot