Dullest pvp mons

Across all leagues

1 Umbreon and skarmory (no comment)
2 bastiodon (epitome of tank, only one moveset)
3 GiratinA (too abundant inUL and often results in timeout)
4 Togekiss (charm… And too abundant in the two higher leagues)
5 azumarill (not ranked higher due to variety in charged moves)
6 gunfisk (only one moveset, too abundant)
7 articuno (basically one charged move, too abundant, often results in timeout)
8 cresselia (too tanky, results in timeout and too abundant)
9 dialga (too abundant, basically one charged move)
10 melmetal (one moveset only, too abundant in higher leagues)

Honorable mention: wigglytuff and clefable, metagross and dragonite, Giratina-O, groudon and kyogre, altaria (only one moveset. Not included cause it got rare)
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Nice, I don’t use any of them on my main account.

I am guilty, using altaria, gunfisk in GL and girA in UL (plus dragonite in ML)

How come Swampert isn’t on this list? I find it extremely dull.


I also use Altaria, and plan to use Dragonite in ML PC, but haven’t tried since candy XL emerged. Absolutely won’t use any of the 1-10 mon on your list.

Swampert has two movesets for different leagues. It’s the mon I use the most.

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I would probably remove Melmetal and Gunfisk because while you see them all the time and the moveset is the same, wins often rely on baiting which makes them a lot less predictable. I don’t use either (I did run Melmetal in ML but haven’t played open since PC was introduced and then moved to the GL cups instead) but facing them can be tricker than, say, Bastiodon which just does its thing and nothing else.

Swampert i thought of. But as @Elastic_Space pointed out it has 1) two different moveset, 2) it has a good shadow variant and 3) it is fast and not bulky enough to annoy as much as some on the list.

@tomatopartyyy - sure, but melmetal has the one predictable moveset, has no shiny or shadow and is a bit too bulky in ML. Also it is in every league and it is SO abundant in ML, that … Similar to gunfisk overall. But yes, their swiftness is one reason they’re not in the top 5 ;)
What would you choose instead?

Melmetal does indeed have a shiny, I have 4 myself :woman_shrugging: only reason I ever used it in PvP lol, I maxed it out when they first released shiny Meltan just to show off in gyms so all I had to do was buy it a second move to show off in ML. That plus shiny Kyogre & shiny GiraA, what a beautiful team (to look at, that is… ). Also functioned great but as the theme of this thread relates, you know almost exactly what moves they’ll have… I ran Kyo with Thunder for the mirror which always got people, Ancient Power on Gira occasionally for some spice but predictability was the main move for that team.

This is my main one i dislike. 1 weakness, ridiculously spammy community day move, very annoying


So you don’t like tanks…

Try using Articuno, Giratina and Cresselia in UL!

Lugia, Snorlax and Skarmony are also dull and boring.

I feel like we’re closing in on a conclusion that GBL is dull and boring :rofl:

I’m with ya on that. A lot of the one weakness bois fall into this category for me.

Skarmory to me is the height of dullness. Playing with it or against it, doesn’t matter. No coverage. Garbage fast move. Somehow great because what it covers it covers oppressively well.

For me Lanturn is very dull. Bad fast move, takes forever to charge to moves. I regret investing in it. But maybe that’s dull in another way. I dont mind playing against it because it’s very clunky and bad.

Exactly, one weakness and Mud Shot make up plenty for less bulk. I don’t think any CD Mon is that oppressive, despite some of them being bulkier.

Oh, i like tanks :D they’re just… Dull ;)
Lugia is rare so in a way, entertaining. Plus interesting moves. Snorlax has such a variety of charged moves that it’s never really boring, even though it is a tank.
Skarmory, yes, so dull that I forgot to add it. I edited the OP

I mostly agree with this list but do concur that Swampy should probably be added since its mostly just “Hydro Cannon go BRRRRTTTT”. There is some variety in the 2nd move but that’s mostly determined by the league so it’s really just one moveset per instance.

Basically any of the 'mon that rely on one move to do all the damage and require no finesse to use are boring in my book. Skarmory, Bastiodon, Charmers, Articuno, etc. Its too easily just a straight up win or loss without much skill element IMHO. That said, I still use some of them and I really want to like some (i.e. Swampert) but they are so overused I avoid them. Its kinda like ‘basic white girls’: one at a time is ok but when the whole group is composed of them…


Yep, it apparently does have a shiny. But it is not noticably shiny :D

Most probably I fought it already and just didn’t notice ;)

Said it 20 times…but Umbreon in great league. ULPC at least people put in tons of work to earn a minute of chill/boring battling

Might have even faced mine :sweat_smile: The blue tail is the biggest signifier but you really only get to see that if you’re using it :crazy_face:

Dewgong is pretty dull to face or play, as is Suicune

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