Dumas most faithful servant! I created a monster πŸ˜…

Thx to the refine system i built this monster haha what do you guys think? I want to change her special but i dont know which is properly because due to her weapon he can already heal herself so…any ideas?

Thx to all guys! :grin:


Your Celica looks really strong and tough to kill. Congrats !

As for her special, I would give her Moonbow. Its 2 CD makes it very easy to activate and Def/Res reduction will give Celica an easier time against tanky units.


Looks like my Shannan actually :smiley:

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Please use sub-categories. You’re given a message on how to use them every time you send out a thread.

Thx so much man! I think moonbow can fit well with the build :grin:

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Oh really? Can you give us a shot of him?? :raised_hands:t2:

At this point we should be wondering if that feature even works, with how often people don’t do it…

That FCelica looks strong for sure, though as previously said by others a 2 cooldown special might see more use.


Just people choosing to be ignorant in what’s in front of them… but I see what ya mean.

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These builds I use in Aether Raids/Arena



At any rate I think your build looks pretty good! A standard repel tank build, but I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Um, thanks?

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They are asking for what special :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

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oh I thought that whole post was for me. I was super confused. Like why is someone randomly telling me that my celica is a normie in a thread I wasnt involved in.

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Haha lol :feh_annawink:

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I find this whole thing super funny in hindsight.

Otherwise yeah, the build is pretty much optimal. you can play around with the C and S qithout much worry, and seeing the solo skills doubled up like that is pretty good idea.

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Yeah it was sorta funny. :feh_nino:

Got any preference for special btw?

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depends really.
If you are running flashing blade in the S than Aether.
Otherwise shot cooldown specials that either focus damage or health are good, Noontime is what I personally use, but I havent unlocked the refine yet. Otherwise Luna, Glimmer, Ruptured Sky, and Blue Flame are all good options. Though if you are using a 3 cooldown I would recomend using Times pulse that way you always activate it your first combat.

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