Duo Byleth + Duo Palla

I have both these units now so I’m seeing so many possible shenanigans combining them on a flier team. Extra move + free desperation quads for duo palla seems like it could be insane. Thinking probably just run them with a flying dancer + anyone else and call it a day. Input/advice?



Also Spring Fir, not just to complete the weapon triangle but to also take advantage of her armor slaying capability + NFU in her weapon :eyes:


Interesting, I don’t have much experience with flyer setups, mostly just infantry/armor just because I find it easier. No spring fir, but I was thinking of pairing with edelgard going for double galeforce or just another flier (S!Lyn or Mininerva galeforce). Also considering using them for light season with eir/peony + bonus

Minierva covers green and high Def, and that first hit utilizes guard so she’d be a good GF candidate.

Peony would contribute to high movement and spectrum buffs so she’s a great choice.

Only thing to keep in mind, usually GF relies on a retaliation to activate even with HB, so get that GF activated and THEN use the duo for a free second kill.


Yea I’ve been trying to get some practice using GF L!Edelgard with very mixed results. I’m thinking the extra movement from Duo Palla + her weapon on a flier ball SHOULD give me some extra flexibility

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Duo Byleth & Trio Palla seem like they would work really well together :thinking:
While she doesn’t have 3 movement all of the time, having 3 movement half the time is still very good for a flying Galeforcer. If you set it up right you could also boost up another good flying Galeforcer & sweep enemy teams pretty easily.
Legendary Azura could work as a dancer for even more mobility (replace her C skill with something else for a flier team), and Peony as well :feh_birbpeek: