Duo Ephraim

Hey guys I have another copy of my duo Ephraim but dont know to what copy merge, I have the pics here to see which one seems better and may give a better result, thanks in advanced!

One is +hp -res the other one is +res -hp.
Im thinking more on the Res one since his res sucks, just my opinion of course.


Unless you’re trying to activate HP related skills like Panic Ploy to trying to tank true damage, +HP generally isn’t very useful. :feh_birbpeek:
I’d say to go with +res to make his defensive stats more well rounded, so he has a chance of tanking mages & dragons better.
(Also it’s a superboon) :feh_legion:


Ok thanks was thinking the same thing, in the future I may add him infantry pulse for AR purposes since his hp is pretty gigh as is, may add hp/res 2 to make him even more mixed bulk, have a few plans with him!


I may even be reluctant to merge unless I was really serious about using him in AR. Separately, there’s 2 broken units that basically have the stats of a 40+10 unit each :slight_smile:

My intuition said +HP was better. Did the math and I think 40+1 with HP is better.

+hp vs +res
physical bulk: 82 vs 79
magical bulk: 70 vs 71

HP is also better against skills that reduce res or def. Go HP.

I have a +10 Ephraim, and I could tell you that I considered using the +res instead of +atk. If not for the atk super boon, I would probably have gone with the +res…

+Res, and not just because I’m the Res Lunatic. :feh_corrinmug:
It’s a superboon and lets him potentially survive magic better when he’s doubled (which with 30 Spd, he will be)

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I wouldn’t merge at all. Nothing stops you from fielding two Duo Ephs, but if you don’t wanna do that then Duo Eph is still high class, really good skill fodder

Really? Why?

I spent some for duo ephraim because I figured if his ivs weren’t good, I could fodder off both heavy blade and lull onto leif. I got a +res - spd one…and was extremely close to foddering but after reading this, now I’m not so sure again. :thinking:

First, his atk is quite high even at neutral due to his weapon granting +3 atk. In my actual usage of him, It’s often an overkill.

On the other hand, his res is a super boon that would allow him to be very powerful with the right set up, such as with B!Lucina support and with the +10 res bonus during Light Blessing. This will allow him to be a reliable tank and offensive powerhouse at the same time.

But +atk is obviously the best choice overall, I guess.

If I keep +res, I’d be very tempted to put DC and swift stance seal on him.He has a ton of flexibility since his wep gives him follow-ups in both phases. Time’s pulse would be tempting as well…

Res doesn’t help him use galeforce better, but I suppose none of his boons do.

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You can’t go wrong with him. He is overall the best unit in the game right now, I believe. Even his duo skill is better than I thought.

And I think there’re many builds that are viable for him, depending on what you want to do with him. But yeah, his main offensive prowess comes from his two effectiveness against, high atk base, and doubling in both phases.

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At 40+1, hp is better than res boon ^

At 40+10, between hp vs res, you have 89 vs 86 physical bulk and 77 and 78 magical bulk. HP is still better - you only miss 1 res but you get 3 more def. And on top of this, your ephraim is better against units like Alm or Moonbow or Luna.

Don’t keep the +res

Problem with using that style of calculation is that it only accounts for one battle. A Res boon will help him survive repeated magic battles much better than a HP boon, making Ephraim take 4 less damage from every attack. That’s much better than 3 more mixed bulk that only applies once, and it’s worth the small sacrifice in physical bulk to increase your magical tanking abilities by a whole lot.
HP in general is not as good of a tanking stat as Def & Res. Unless you want to tank things like Legendary Alm, investing in defensive stats gives better results in repeated combat. :feh_birbpeek:


Got a +atk -def one on my last free ticket summoning circle YEEEE. Leif can get the heavy blade 4/lull combo now. Foddering units who have great fodder but meh ivs is more satisfying to me than it should be.

I think he is very possibly the best melee infantry currently for general use across game modes. His duo skill is just icing.


+Res all the way jaja, hes pretty good to be honest

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You know I was thinking the same thing! But he’d lose heavy blade 4 and thats like the most important skill due to the +5 damage per attack, so I’m kinda like not going to but maybe I,ll add it to his skills just in case and I want to change his use.

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NICE +atk, the -def can be tolerated you can buff him or add as a seal more def, congrats. So you’re going to fodder him to Leif?

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Yeah, definitely. +atk is safer. +Res I feel needs DC to be useful.

Leif can get heavy blade 4 AND lull off one ephraim if you get heavy blade 1-3 from Jamke. Leif’s atk isn’t quite high enough to almost always trigger heavy blade, but lull atk with any team support for visible atk buffs on Leif + cancelling buffs on the enemy can ensure he will almost always trigger it.

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I disagree. He’s not the best melee infantry, he’s the best unit in the game currently. :smile:

Congratualtions on the +atk -def. That’s what I used to +10. I personally think it is the best IV.

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