E-rank Luck here

After more than 50+ fights I believed, no Dive to Blue CE at all. The chance is 2% so at least I could have 1 copy to MLB it. Usually I would have a MLB one at this time but look like luck isn’t at my side this time. Now the question is should I keep finding it? I need to farm in the part 1 too but if I must then I could try in the last day. This CE could be a good one for my Kiara tho so what do you guys say?

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I’d like to MLB the CE for Lancelot Saber when I get him with the free ticket too, going to keep running nodes for Part 2 until I clear the entire shop/event is up on natural regen, if I still can’t get another copy then so be it

I’ve gotten 4 drops LOL

i wish we could trade CEs/servants

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Same problem here only with seaside luxury.

I got like 500 mana prisms I forgot about in the part 2 shop but I dare not do any part two quests till the part 1 CE drops!

I am just doing the Nitocris dragon fang node over and over trying to get as many fangs as I can and turning in the gold drop in for as much qp as possible in the mean time.

For you I suggest doing something similar and finding a part 2 node with a gold token drops and a drop you can use and spam run it till the last day and then do your part one farming.

Might as well get a lot of qp and mat farming done as we wait…and wait…and wait.

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There’s always the rerun for us rank E luck people :fgo_jeannu:

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That’s not how probability works. A coinflip has 50% to be head, doesn’t mean if you throw it twice you could have at least one head.

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Same. I do not have a 5th copy of Seaside Luxury yet as well (yes, not as useful but I still want it MLB). If the CEs still avoids me, I’ll just pray that I get at least 2 copies to drop next year… lol

First time?

Jk, keep farming

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I haven’t gotten any ce drops yet either. I don’t particularly care about seaside luxury, but I really really want a dive into blue. I’ve gotten close to clearing all materials except pieces/monuments that I really don’t need, and I can’t get enough drops of gold to make it at least equivalent to dailies for qp farming… Not sure if I should give up till next year or stick with it.

I feel like I’m constantly saying this…

Just keep going! You’ll get one eventually. :)

Honestly, the CE isn’t great—stats are split and the 10% boost is weak. You’re better off using Sumo or Holy Night Supper, especially since you’re going to pair them with Tamamo anyway.

I think it is normal, buddy. Your luck is just below average (C luck).
If you do 50 fights, the probability that you don’t get a Dive to Blue CE is 0.98^50 = 0.37. Or the probability that you should have already got the CE after 50th try is 0.63. To get a 97% drop, you should aim for 100 fights.
Good luck friend because I’m in the exact same situation lol :fgo_illya:.
Already cleared the shops, but no CE drop :fgo_badciv:

Wouldn’t nessasarily agree. Split buffs means the damage is multiplied not added.

What do I care anyways. I have 6 copies of each ce, enough to cover the rerun.

To be exact, it’s log(0.03)/log(0.98)=173 fights.

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Yeah, I get that. And attack buffs are common.

But you’re probably better off running something that gives pure attack stats. It’s kind of splitting hairs and depends on the servant + team comp, though.

So, for Saberlot, who has a 30% Arts Mana burst on his NP, here’s a Lv. 20 Dive to Blue (against a neutral Saber):


And a Lv. 20 Holy Night Supper:


HNS edges out even at lv. 20…and with higher CE levels, HNS takes more of a lead due to giving attack.

For someone without any steroids—like Robin—let’s look. With Dive to Blue:


And HNS:


Dive to Blue takes a slight lead.

But at Lv. 100…

Dive to Blue:




So Dive to Blue is only better when you don’t have an arts steroid already.

If it was pure attack…I can dream, can’t I?

I really don’t care about the seaside luxury CE itself, I just want to mlb because I am anal and it not being mlb annoys the completionist in me.

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Yeah I haven’t been able to get it to drop either, the only time I’ve had this much trouble was I think with The Halloween princess CE which I never got to drop. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time.