E7 rest

HI all!!

I have been playing E7 for 5 or 6 months and im a little tired of the game, i see the game so tryhard. Probably i will return but i will try another game.

Someone here have played fire emblem heroes?? Its a good game to play casual and no tryhard??

Which u prefer E7 or FEH??

Thanks all!!!

As much as I love the problem-solving and complexity of Epic Seven, it does require a ton of constant grinding to keep up. Toxic players are grating too, but that can be remedied by finding the right guild or circle of players to interact with.

FEH I can’t say too much about because it’s changed a lot since I last played, but it does have a similar “you must get the current unit” feel in the Arena. Thing is, FEH makes it waaay easier to get your favorite, and you can build them out to win so it’s a great game for living by the “use your favorites” philosophy. Very casual-friendly.

then in feh u can upgrade and build ur favorite pj and him/her works well??

It really depends on what you mean by “works well” and “upgrade”.

From a casual standpoint, it’s a great game if all you care about is getting probably 1 copy of your favorite character, or if you want a character collector. The production values aren’t bad, and the rates are decent. To top it off, it’s a lot less complex than Epic 7.

I’m not sure what your main focus is since you want to have a casual/not tryhard game yet want to know if you can make your favorites OP, but I’ll try to break it down.

In terms of upgrades, characters gain stat bonuses from merging duplicate copies, which is very difficult if you character is 5* exclusive, but much more doable for 3 or 4 star units. By building characters, there are a lot of budget skills that will serve well, but if you’re interested in more premium or varied skills (i.e. Distant Counter being the most prevalent and well known since launch), then it will usually be locked again to 5* Exclusive characters. If your favorite is a 3/4 star, then it’s very possible to fully merge them to +10 (you need 10 copies to max their potential).

In terms of working well, most characters with a decent kit and strategy can clear PvE content, and there is a large amount of F2P guides out there to aid players clear the content. However, top tier competitive PvP will often pit you against premium units and skills.

I used to enjoy the game a lot, but my biggest criticism is that character progression in the game is tied to summoning at least 90% of the time if you want to upgrade your favorites. Merging will typically require summons, skills require summons, and another resource (dragonflowers) that add stats to units require summoning. If your goal is to collect a few of your favorites and hear their voices it’s totally great, but if you want to do anything seriously it’s going to be a long time of saving currency, strategically rationing your resources, and then summoning selectively for premium skills and copies for a select few of your favorites.