E7 rest

HI all!!

I have been playing E7 for 5 or 6 months and im a little tired of the game, i see the game so tryhard. Probably i will return but i will try another game.

Someone here have played fire emblem heroes?? Its a good game to play casual and no tryhard??

Which u prefer E7 or FEH??

Thanks all!!!

As much as I love the problem-solving and complexity of Epic Seven, it does require a ton of constant grinding to keep up. Toxic players are grating too, but that can be remedied by finding the right guild or circle of players to interact with.

FEH I can’t say too much about because it’s changed a lot since I last played, but it does have a similar “you must get the current unit” feel in the Arena. Thing is, FEH makes it waaay easier to get your favorite, and you can build them out to win so it’s a great game for living by the “use your favorites” philosophy. Very casual-friendly.

then in feh u can upgrade and build ur favorite pj and him/her works well??