Earning score in forging bonds

So I really don’t understand this mode. How can you earn the max amount of points every time? Is the amount of points you earn random and the chance is influenced by the accessories or is there a trick?

  • Have all 4 units put the correct accessories on.
  • Pick a God and Pray you get a good amount of points.

That’s pretty much it.


Each foe defeated can drop a chest that increases your score.
The score per chest is fixed and is higher if you have the correct items equipped.
Whether a chest drops or not when you kill an enemy is random.

So, in order to get the max score possible you need to equip items, wait for a 2x multiplier and have all enemies drop a chest (this you cannot control)


Equip any 4 bonus accessories on your team & wait for a 2x multiplier. It doesn’t matter which color is favored above the others at that moment if you plan to get 3,500 points, since the game will give you points for the units you don’t have maxed. :feh_birbpeek:

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Hmm, the others have explained it but I’ll give some resume:

  • Equip your four units with accesories that are bonus in the event, they are either the four ones you get at 100 friendship with each character or the EX ones from the previous [Forging Bonds] that require 2.5k.
  • Wait for 2× multipliers, if you need to know when you’ll have them sometimes u/SatsujinTM from Reddit makes these:

  • If your energy is at max you can enter a few times and while you wait for a 2× the energy will recover.
  • If at least one of your units can’t equip any of the bonus accessories then you’ll have to replace that unit with someone who can equip the remaining accesory

The trick was explained above but with constant use of energy you’ll soon reach 3.5k on everyone, it often takes me around half the event duration.
The amount of points and hearts you get is random yes but there’s a max around ~160 friendship and each heart in a 2× with bonus can give around ~50 points each.
Remember you can’t control who gets more friendship but the bonus color and multiplier will increase the chances of getting friendship for that character

If you grind for hm in forging bonds trust me you’ll eventually max everthing out.