Earth Season Legendary Hero

So, I now have at least one Legendary Hero for each season: Edelgard for Fire, Caeda for Water, Byleth and Corrin for Wind and Grima for Earth. Obviously, Grima isn’t going to score well unless she’s the bonus unit, so I’m wondering if I should try to go for a different one like Nanna or Deirdre.

I wouldn’t bother with L!Units unless you’re able to max them out at +10 for Arena. Otherwise stick with a normal high scoring core.

If you are looking to max a unit out I’d look at the remixed L!Units instead. Much better odds to get them so it’s less reliant on RNG, and with the next remix banners it looks like L!Tiki and L!Julia are on there. Tiki has fallen quite a bit but Julia(Who is better than Deirdre as of this time, IMO) seems very strong in the current meta.


Yep, if you want to use a legendary in Arena, you gotta commit to the merge. Otherwise they are only useful as bonus units.

…I actually have four +10 Earth legendaries. Two (Robin and Tiki) were fully intended, and two (Julia and Nanna) were somewhat accidental. Ironically it’s the latter two I use for Arena now

If you can commit, now is an excellent time to pull Nanna. Veronica would get you started on a merged Wind legendary as well. Something tells me you don’t have the 1000+ Orbs you need for this sort of investment though.

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There is also Alm for earth legendary, which got a lot better with remix.
175 BST is a decent score and is easier to complete.

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Actually, I already have a +1 Nanna with one as a combat manual and I have 2 Wind Legendaries with Byleth (intentional) and Corrin (unintentional). As for my other Earth Legendaries, Tiki is +3, Alm and Deirdre are +1 and the rest are unmerged, although Ike a few I can +1 if I want.

If you’re starting from scratch I would personally not invest into a unit from the remix banner actually unless you’re relying heavily on the spark. What you see is what you get and those heroes are likely never going to be upgraded because they already had their remix.

Even if Deirdre and Julia have comparable strength now (which is debatable imo), Deirdre scores better and will get a remix eventually. I believe both Deirdre and Nanna are good choices and will age well.


Legendaries only start to score more than +10 non-legendaries of comparable stat totals at around +5 or so (assuming the other team members are properly blessed and the legendary is in season). Until then it’s not worth using them over a +10 normal unit

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I have a question about Nanna’s build. If I don’t have a Catch 4 skill available, will Atk/Spd Clash 4 also suffice?

Clash is fine; it’s comparable to or better than Catch in most situations. I made this build for my Nanna before Atk/Spd Clash existed.

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there is also the fact that since we always have 2 elements active, you can just use 3, since one of them will be in season during the weeks the element you don’t use is in season, ( in this case Earth)
so you can also just settle for L!Edel, L!Caeda and L!Byleth/L!Corrin.
And even then you can even just use 2, since it is only 1/6 of the time you will not have a in season legendary