Eastern Emissaries banner

I was considering summoning on this banner, as I don’t have any of the focus units on here, plus the dark dragon looks pretty cool.

Having extra dark characters could work nicely with my Heinwald (if I EVER get round to making a full dark team).

However, I’m thinking about waiting for the Gala summon to be revealed first, so I’m unsure if I should summon. What do you guys think?

Even though we have no confirmed date for the Gala, i honestly don’t think it will happed right after the current 2 banners. If i were you i would absolutely summon on the EE banner, even if you only spend a little bit wyrmite to get Sazanka and Addis, they are 2 of the best 4* units in the game and we don’t know when they will return again.

Marishiteen is the only 40-60% strength dragon in the game currently, and is currently ‘limited’. I emphasize limited because now that they’re returning, I assume they’ll be just like Gala banners without a set schedule. But, she’s still the strongest choice of all the dark dragons, and will probably continue to be the strongest due to her bleed skill. She’s highly valued for the high Jupiter, and a great MUB option due to being on available on this banner. Also, Curran and Ieyasu are rated up and are both top tier adventurers, along with Addis and Sazanka. Curran and Sazanka are especially valuable for their defense up co-op skill which will be of great help for high Jupiter. Ieyasu is right now the top DPS in the game with his powerful crit kit and his damage over time bleed status, making him a stable powerhouse in any dark team. Addis is amazing if you haven’t invest in Aileen for autoing water IO, and is also a great unit in high Mercury trails if accompanied by a Lowen. Overall, Eastern Emissaries is one of the strongest banners we’ve had yet, BUT you should always wait for the Gala banner.