Easy Pickings! (Another +10 Project Complete)

Hi all!
So, on this website I’m mostly known for my respectful enjoyment of women. However, there are actually some male characters I’m quite passionate about, one of which is one Luthier von Fire Emblem Echoes! When he dropped as a demote on his banner, I knew I needed to make him a merge project as I don’t have any green mages (or any mage projects at all, not including my very gradual and accidental Guinivere).
He’s far from fully invested, as I only gave him an Asbel and a L!Julia, but he already performs admirably well! I wouldn’t mind grabbing him Plegian Torch and a Menace, as well as a slightly better A slot but for now he does very well indeed.
One down, 14 to go!


This character will always remind me of someone here in GP. Hope she’s doing well.

Also nice job on finishing him :heart:


Nice job Veritas! Congrats on finishing him :catclap: