Edelgard Build Help

Hi everyone! I’m looking for advice on weather or not to fodder a spare copy of Duo Ephraim for Heavy blade 4 for a Galeforce build for L! Edelgard? Any thoughts??
Here’s is what she looks like at the moment.

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Well how much do you like your Duo Eph?
Because L!Edel doesn’t NEED it to function.

If she’s Galeforcing I want her to be able to take on all kinds of foes so she can still reliably proc GF even on EP.

Unless you absolutely need the HB seal on someone else on the same team I vote for keeping DC


If he’s truly a spare, go for it.

HB4 is great for GF, and put to great effect on anyone with guaranteed follow-ups (L!Ephraim, Edelgard, Tibarn, DuoVeronica, etc.) Leedlegard fits that bill too with raging storm.

HB4 and quickened pulse with galeforce has been very effective for me, so if you aren’t going to use Ephraim i would recommend it

she doesn’t need it to function though, the build you have on her is also good.


You don’t need to fodder Duo.Ephraim for a Galeforce build on her… I mainly use DC with HB3 seal and it works perfectly fine… she already does a lot of damage that the extra 5 damage from HB4 hardly makes a big difference unless the foe is very tanky… and with DC with HB seal she can still trigger Galeforce fast since she will be able to double charge Galeforce on EP still as long as her Atk is higher which isn’t that hard to accomplish

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Then Raging Storm is not your best bet. If you want her Galeforcing, then she want’s a PP build. Frankly, I find Raging Storm to be overall underwhelming. Sure, it gives her a double against Dragons, but against the majority of the roster it just lets her attack against to kill the target she didn’t kill the first time, so I would say that Bold Fighter would be the superior option to Heavy Blade. Assuming you keep Aymr on her, anyways. I would argue that the Brave Axe would be better suited to running an RS Gale build. However in that instance, she would benefit more from DB4 and an HB seal instead of HB4 and a DB seal, since she needs to make up for the attack lost in swapping Aymr for a Brave Axe.

In either case, I wouldn’t call Heavy Blade an optimal A-skill for L!Edelgard.

Honestly it would be better to go HB4 with DB3 seal over DB4 with HB3 seal… HB4 would give her 5 flat damage essentially 3 more Atk than DB4 would give her

HB4 with DB3 seal means she loses 2 more raw Attack to meet the Heavy Blade check vs DB4 with HB3 seal–but otherwise it’s outright better for damage output. Right now it’s not much of a problem because she has a god-shattering Attack stat relative to the rest of the current meta, but it might become more of an issue later after more power creep gets released. :feh_morganagrom:

I have no problem reaching the Atk requirement for HB4 with DB3 seal… yah sure mine has everything to boost her atk to the max (61 Atk with Brave Axe+ equipped)… but with Brave axe+ and DB3 seal she is still hitting 56 Atk at unmerged neutral unbuffed which is still really good so HB4 is still better than DB4 on her

If you’re running a Brave Axe, DB4 is the better option to compensate for the reduced might of the Brave Axe. HB4 may grant more damage, but if her ATK isn’t enough, then she loses the quicken effect. Sticking with Aymr’s effect, yes HB4 would be better; but the Brave Axe has less might and no ATK dull.

Like I said… when I’m running Brave Axe on her I’m running HB4 and literally have no problem… yah at lower merges you tend to have more of an issue hitting the Atk requirement sure… but even then… most of the units she’s not going to have higher Atk with Brave Axe are mostly only the insane Swordies that they keep coming out with in which you wouldn’t want to attack them to begin with unless you do kill them in 2 hits from Brave Axe since they can now double you and easily kill her… yah their are more units with high Atk than 56 (62 when +6 buffed) but it would mainly depend on their build and most builds can be manipulated…

That’s your Edelgard. You were fortunate enough to be able to +10 her. The Edelgard in question is unmerged and +5DF, +SPD/-DEF. Running a Brave Axe on her to make the most out of Raging Storm would put her at 53 ATK, with SS. That’s not impressive. I would not bank on 59 ATK to reliably proc HB4, especially because my S!Elise - a gen1 mage - sits comfortably at 62 ATK before any buffs or initiation bonuses.

Ignoring that, however, 61 ATK with BA, HB4, and DB3 is still not what I would call impressive anymore. Not against higher difficulties or PvP content. Granted, 63 is not too much better; but it still grants her a higher threshold to proc the Heavy Blade effect than 61 offers.

And yes, enemies will be able to double her; but that’s the tradeoff for being able to relaibly proc BOTH Galceforce and Raging Storm, being able to attack every enemy twice offers better odds than attacking select enemies twice. Personally, I opted to keep Aymr and ditch Raging Storm for Bold Fighter, since it amounted to the same thing anyways (actually, Bold Fighter has secured her more kills than Raging Storm did).

And like I said, yes at lower merges it’s hurts it more… but it’s not like she still can’t pull it off… especially if op manages to get a +Atk copy