Edelgard Build

Been using Edelgard as a main and she’s amazing but I’m curious about the build I’ve been using. Overkill?


It’s an interesting build, check out mine.


Your Edelgard makes me want to kill my duo Ephraim, too bad I don’t have her. :feh_elisad:

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Looks great! :feh_hridexcited:
And deadly :feh_edelsmug:


I was super tempted to use special spiral but I only have one fodder left haha. Yours is scaryyyyy

I pulled 3 duo ephraims. Said here ya go Ede ;) she just dishes out so much damage initially that it’s hard to charge gale force sometimes. But when she does she’s scary.


I’ve got two main builds for Edelgard, myself.
First one is for general usage:

Second is specifically for Røkkr Sieges.

While your build for Edelgard isn’t necessarily bad, it probably has the same issue I did trying to run Galeforce with SI: one-shotting enemies and not being able to proc it.

I’ve considered feeding her my spare D.Ephraim as well, ao I’m not faulting you in any way, but ultimately the main build just syncs better and has a better proc guaramtee than Galeforce. It also give her more terrifying mix-phase presence. That Bonfire hurts.

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Y’all can’t handle my sick Edelgard build

I'm warning you it's too much to handle
Are you sure?
Halo just show us the damn build

Fine :ok_hand:


That’s really similar to my build!

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Yup that’s my issue- she’s too strong. I used to run bonfire with her base kit and she would still decimate foes. Wish I would of chose defense boon now

That’s why I’d advise against Galeforce on a non-Siege build, it’s just not effective. Bonfire syncs best with her; but you could also go outside the box and give her Aegis to make up for her RES, if you find her damage to be enough as it is. With HB4, priming it wouldn’t be an issue. You could also do Pavise so she can fight Dragons.

People here all having +Atk or +Def Edelgard while I’m over here having gotten 2 neutral

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My edelgard build is a bit different from what I’ve seen in this post.

Do you struggle with doing to much damage to galeforce ? Because that’s the only thing I could see being a problem.

Well that’s 2 more of her than I have.