Edelgard's comparisons to Arvis

now i haven’t finished blue lions or started black eagles, but i’ve been seeing a lot of comparisons between edelgard and arvis. people describe them both as tragic villains, who want to do whatever to help their country. i present to you a different character, travant. travant is another villain in genealogy in case you haven’t played it yet, but to put it simply, he also does whatever it takes to help his country. however i believe that edelgard is more similar to travant than arvis, edel and travant both do atrocious acts without considering their reputation to better their countries, both fully know what they’re doing and the consequences of those actions. compare this to arvis, who doesn’t realize the extent of his actions until it’s too late. edel and arvis both turn to similar groups to reach their goals, but where edelgard seems to have already planned it out, arvis doesn’t realize what will happen and suffers for it. travant uses underhanded strategies to take out his enemies, similar to how edel deals with her enemies. both edelgard and travant are ruthless and ambitious, whereas arvis is only really dangerous for gen 1 of genealogy, his presence as an antagonist has been stripped due to connections he made during that first generation. edel and travant had been pulling strings for years before their plans even went into action, and travant had been trying to make his nation better for as long he could. i just feel like there are more comparisons to make between edelgard and travant than her and arvis.


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The thing is, Edelgard is only marginally comparable to both Arvis and Travant because there’s 1 major factor both possess that she does not.

Patience and Knowledge.

Travant waited his whole life for a chance (and was likely willing to pass on his mission after death if so required), and that was to feed his starving people.

Arvis, unlike Edelgard planned the entirety of this conflict as if everything was a pawn waiting to be sacrificed, he minimized the casualties to his political adversaries, and consolidated his political exterior so no one doubted him whatsoever, something Edelgard has no clue how to do.

The major factor as I mentioned however is the knowledge aspect. Arvis knew what he was getting into aside from the Loptous cult, much like Edel, and Travant knew what attacking Quan would do. Edel however did what she thought was good without actually consolidating the information she was fed (and her desperate attempts to make her childhood suffering worth something furthered this problem, for reasons that are likely her trauma as a whole). Even Arvis had looked into and planned ways to control the Loptous cult, but was fooled due to a lack of knowledge regarding Loptous, which was a long gone cult with no external knowledge of it remaining (it was all destroyed). And yet he did have contingencies (Seliph amidst other things like Julia) as soon as he figured out he was getting fooled, both of which turned out nicely as contingencies for his peaceful new world.

Edelgard had no backup plans, she didn’t care for the civilians lives she trampled on and instead of playing a initial politcial game she started a continental war. FUrthermore her willingness to work with TWS without having them on a direct leash only worsened that problem, and her willingness to trust the information of an ancient cult of maniacs due to her desperation only worsened the blindness she held towards the church in tow (not to say the church doesn’t do some bad things, the creation of life to attempt the rebirth of Sothis (or expediting it, much like New Mystery did with Naga), is one such bad thing).

So, whilst they are “tragic” in the sense of their backstories, with Edelgard’s torture (at the hands of people I shan’t not mention cause the culprits are rather obvious but I would rather not say for those that have yet to play), Arvis’ abusive home and his will to protect Azelle and his family, and Travant being born into a family that had been in a long standing feud with Quan simply because the original wielders of their relics were angry at one another for shitty reasons.

Their similarities should usually end there (though Edelgard’s motiff of Flame Emperor is another similarity). Their methods are increasingly different, Arvis never puts innocents aside from Sigurd’s army into the crossfire, and Travant kills 1 political leader before just winning, which is a marvelous way to win, if I do say so myself.

TLDR; Tragic similarities yes. Everything else is pretty far fetched if you start to scrutinize methods and tactical choices, as well as the patience they have to undertake their mission, not to mention the amount of time they took into building plans, or the contingencies they had in place. Which Edel had none of.

If I had to pick, I’d say that Travant’s story is rather hard to compare to others. He’s a hard to mimic archetype, since he only kills 1 dude and wins and effectively conquers a Peninsula that way so, yeah I dunno.


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