Edmond Dantes - Skadi Compositions

As it turns out, the generic DSS comp of Dantes NP2 (kaleidoscope), skadi, skadi plus 20% mystic code NP charge is insufficient to 3 turn some of the level 90 nodes in summer 2020 event. Even adding in my Helena to buff a further 3 turns of 20% quick card effectiveness is not enough (and then swapping in skadi).

So, here’s my comp to help others clear it in 3 turns (still minor RNG though). Continuing to think of something better. I am not sure if i need NP3 to solve this problem hmmmm. Also, this is not perfect since this comp has a problem with lancer nodes.

Arash (MLB Imaginary Element)
Skadi (anything)
Dantes (Holy Night Supper)
Skadi (anything)
Anything (anything)
Anything (anything)

Mystic Code: Fragment of 2004 (max)

Note: The NP damage up skill from the mystic code results in a proper clear of wave 3 from just the NP. No face cards needed.

The 1st team you’ve mentioned works for me as long as Dantes gets one quick card for wave 2 and one buster or quick for wave 3. It can also work if he gets a buster/arts brave chain after his np. If rng isn’t on my side then I use the command shuffle. This works 90% of the time and very rarely do I get all skadi cards. It’s not the end of the world if it fails as it only takes about 2 or 3 extra turns to finish the last wave.

Arash isn’t preferred to use for events because his character has no event bonus and he takes up a ce slot that can be used by an event ce.

The basic comp doesnt work for a number of the level 90 nodes because some of them have only 2 mobs in wave 2. This results in Edmond not having 50% gauge in wave 3. Either that or its insufficient damage to kill the wave 2 boss in 1 turn.
Which results in an extra turn to clear wave 2 which means the quick buffs drop off for wave 3.

The revised comp i am using more or less has 95% chance to clear in 3 turns.

Interestingly, it doesnt matter if i lose an event CE slot because i dont have alot of drop CEs anyway.
This will probably be the same for other events as my targets are a long way off after BB summer.

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Yeah, I’m aware that the wave 2 bosses are annoying. Like I said, as long as he hits with 1 quick card after his np for wave 2 the basic comp works. If rng is unfavorable the command shuffle works most of the time.

Its enough actually, you need 1 Dantes quick card in wave 2 and you can use the mystic code to reshuffle the cards. If in both situation there is no Quick card, you can use two Skadi Skill 2 to give a 60% def down, and since the total card is fixed, you will have quick card in wave 3 which is enough. The only chance of failure is having all 2 Dantes Quick card in T1, then T2 still have no quick card after reshuffle and no quick card in T3 (all 2 quick card are in T4). I think CN and JP server tested that it only fail 2% or 0.2% of the time so its pretty consistent.

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Will try the basic comp again for the Ozymandias node.

Tested again. Revised comp deals with the RNG better and provided more consistent 3 turning on the Ozymandias and other similar nodes (eg. Semiaris node).

Basic Dantes skadi comp requires quick face card on 2nd wave. Yes, you can shuffle, but if it doesn’t appear I am screwed for wave 3 and need to do 5 turns or more.

Thanks for the advice all the same folks. Side benefit of arash first wave is that it further reduces the time taken for each node anyway cuz his NP resolves faster.

Skadi NP Loop team is meant for 33X nodes, not for this kind of 32X Nodes and quick team always have a hard time against those nodes.

Ah crap. There are also 3 turn problems with the berserker node.
Wave 2 mobs take effective damage from my dantes. So, they die straight away from the NP.
Even with fragment of 2004 NP gain up and Dantes’s own NP gain up, i only reach 40 - 46% on wave 3. Does not reach 47% (which would be fine).
Gotta think of more solutions.

Guess DSS isn’t as brain dead as its made out to be lol

Berserker node solved. Swapped to NP2 Atalante DSS (personal version) and is much more stable.

Jsyk, command card reshuffle puts you back to “wave 1” cards. In other words, it’s also possible (though very rare) to have no quick cards in 1, 2, (because they’re all on t3), shuffle (resetting cards to t1), or t3 (effectively t2, because they’re all on t3 again). They don’t have to all be t1.
Though that’s kind of nitpicky and the overall conclusion is the same.
Anyway, yeah, odds are low, but there’s a chance to get no Dante face cards until turn 4 if you shuffle (or a servant dies) on t2.

Though the odds are low enough that it doesn’t affect viability. If it did, people wouldn’t use it. I’ll believe the 2% or .2% fail rate