Edmond Dantes team comp?

So I failed to get a skadi after almost 500 sq and I just got edmont dantes with a summon ticket :expressionless:
Are there any other servants that I could pair him up with that would do him as good as skadi ?

As good as Skadi? No.

But he’s still an SSR, AoE quick servant, so you can use a support Skadi and Waver, or something. But, sadly, Dantes just isn’t great outside the context of Skadi looping.


Borrow a Skadi, use your Waver/Helena if you have them and then plugsuit Wu.

Or something.

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One thing he will do reasonably well is hit for high neutral damage and with respectable refund. It wouldn’t be hard to squeeze two NPs out of him with charge support and NP Gain buffs like the one Paracelsus has.

Hybrid AoE strats involving Arash should definitely be on the table.

For farming comps two Skadis are like his hat and his cape: he wouldn’t be the same without them.

Of course, he’s still an SSR Servant with really high neutral damage against almost all kinds of enemies of all classes. Even with a borrowed Skadi and a support servant of your own (read: Waver, Merlin, Wu, etc) he can work wonders in many situations.

But 3 turn farming? Nope, you missed her this time. That looping will have to wait.


To clarify, 3T farming isn’t off the table; it’s farming with easy 5 CE slot DSS that’s unavailable.

I’m sure that’s what you meant, but filling in the rest of the thought just to be safe.


Thank you, yes that’s exactly what I mean. Of course that 3-turn farming as a whole is not gone. But, rather, the best 3-turn farming method will have to wait :fgo_hokusaiwink:

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Please, the best 3T comp is Arash/Spartacus/Grailed Arash.

However bothered I am about my 2:3 ration on his banner (if not to unreasonable levels), I still look forward to throwing DSS at an absurd amount of things. Now I just need the grails (no problem), SR Fous (far longer, but no problem), and the MLB BG/Kscope (:fgo_deadinside::fgo_deadinside:).

To answer the question:

Are there any other servants that I could pair him up with that would do him as good as skadi ?

No one. Skadi is uniquely powerful in her capabilities. If you mean for general use, Hans with MLB Kiara CE can potentially soften his lack of defensive anything by kick-starting the HP regen, Mash is plenty defensive as always, Waver is Waver, even a support Skadi will take you incredibly far, and he’s good at making stars so if you can amp and toughen that up with Merlin he’ll still put out good numbers.

A Skadi/Bride/Waver setup (with plugsuit) is almost as effective as double Skadi. Almost.

And Bride is a limited SSR herself, so ymmv.

Paracelsus, Waver, Skadi and a super scope can solve it, lol

There are some viable alternatives, but most require either superscope or MLB Magical Girl of Sapphire for full coverage of enemis.

The white triangles are the most optimal comps. So you can get away stuff like Bride-Waver-Skadi though your damage ceiling will be lower. Other colored zones are class-dependent due to varying refund (Casters and Riders being the most forgiving, Berserkers and Assassins the least).

Red triangles like Asclepius (June of next year)-Waver-Skadi should be pretty close, since Berserkers refund the least (-20%). That one is probably your best bet since it doesn’t require a superscope or MLB Magical Girl. You’ll have to wait a while, though.


I’ve been experimenting lately with 1 Skadi Dantes comp in JP mostly because my quick loopers are nearing max bond (except Lancelot who I’ll rarely use due to horrible NP gain) and so far I’ve had moderate success with Waver and Para. Been doing that Strat for the free quests for a few weeks now whenever I see the few Dantes in my support list with MLB scopes and even ones with 50% charge sometimes works if Para can handle wave 1.


So what team comp would you recommend, if we’re talking about using a friends skadi ?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the triangles with 3 supports mean mandatory plugsuit right?

Funny how the meta evolved. Back then Dantes was looked down on because his NP is Quick AoE. Only ST Quick DPS ever got away worth using. AoE wave/CQ was conserved for Buster and any sort of looping is strictly Arts. Dantes second skill was almost dead. Why would you want more use of an NP that hits like soggy dough and have okay DEF down? But now AoE Quick with Golden Rule or NP charge are the most wanted.

I think we’re mostly on the same page in this thread. I’d reference the chart above for ideas and think of Servants you have who offer the most similar benefits.

General stand-outs include the 3* Paracelsus for his massive NP gain buff and ability to clear low-HP waves; Arash for killing a low or mid wave and dying to make room (handy for getting an “extra” order change).

I think a lot of players who are missing a native Skadi are leaning on Arash to take care of a wave, come to think of it.

Quick buffs are difficult to find, which is part of why Skadi is such a big deal. Dantes also needs the sheer effectiveness boost for high-end farming since he will be dealing neutral damage to almost everything.


what’s the function difference between white and red triangles? Is it because it is harder to hit damage thresholds when it is assassins (neutral damage) vs berserkers (2x)?

Dorapika, the creator of the looping charts, originally answered that question this way:

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Thanks! So any non white triangles seem to mean “not 100% stable”, which I guess it is fair enough since it depends on wave composition a lot.
I wonder how the DSS+superscope+2004 work. I have seen video with MA and superscope to counter nodes with only 2 enemies in wave 2. I guess you just pop the extra np gain for wave 1 to try for 100% refund?

From what I have experienced in this event, Dantes can refund ~30% on a two-MOB wave, so the extra from MAU should be enough to handle the shortfall. I don’t have SuperScope, so I have been doing a janky setup with a non-MLB Miyu and Plugsuit Waver to make things work, and it’s been successful on all but the 'Zerker nodes. I think I can get Atalante to handle those, however, as she doesn’t one-shot the mini-boss in wave 2, allowing her to refill off facecards.

There’s a lot you can do to mold the DSS to any specific setup, just prioritize getting as many of the pieces as possible so you have the options to adapt your team as needed.

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Yes that’s what I have seen on some farming videos, although np1 dantes still need face card crits to finish off the 100k mob (except zerkers) so the deck shuffle helps with that too. I guess I am just too used to traditional face card farming (I am running full bonus for this event for now) :fgo_insane:
Once I progress further up the ladders I will be sure to test out some looping set up