Eevolutions or an Eevolution really

Hey all, just wondering if I’m doing something wrong with the sylveon evolution. I think/thought I had the 70 hearts required but maybe i am wrong. Or maybe I’m missing a step……do I need to be a higher buddy status? Had been trying since the dec. comm day and bugs me I still can’t evolve it. Read the articles (skimmed ig) but i dont know here’s a screen shot of my buddy screen

Anything pointing me in the rightish direction will be much appreciated. Thx in advance!

It depends what berries you fed and when. If you fed Gold Razz at the right time intervals you’d almost have 70 from that alone. But, if you fed normal razz/nanab then you’d only have max 23 hearts from feeding. That assumes every Berry counted to a heart. If you fed, say, 10 nanab when your buddy was full, you’d still be short.

Same for walking, if not all of your walking distance awarded a heart, you’d be short there too.

Great Buddy is 70 hearts, so that’s your goal.