Egg and buddy glitch?

Hey guys, sorry new to this board but my steps aren’t being counted towards anything but my weekly adventure sync rewards :/ all my adventure sync settings are on too does anyone know how to fix this?

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Could be a permissions problem somewhere? Checking the obvious;

  1. Is adventure sync on in your game settings?
  2. Is your game email account the same as your main account on your phone?
  3. Are there permissions to share or allow access between them?

I know the latest android update caused me all manner of problems with pogo and generally.

Finally, is it a recent problem or always like that? Quite often various updates either of the game or your phone can play havoc with your systems. I seem to recall this was a similar problem an update or two back.

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the response. I checked all your recommendations and it’s still not working :/ I’m on iOS and this is the first time it has happened in years of playing. But I did just come back to the game again this week after a break

Adventure sync is one of the most unreliable aspects of a generally unreliable game. Just so I’m understanding right,it’s counting your distance, but not hatching eggs?

Ruling out the obvious again: have you uninstalled/reinstalled?

Best help I can see might be this, you’re certainly not alone.

Try deleting the app and the redownloading it.

I know it sucks but yes it’s counting my distance but only where it shows you the weekly rewards. But my buddy won’t gain any candy or distance and my eggs won’t gain any distance either. Even tho my weekly rewards section says I’ve walked 22 km since started playing again. I’ve searched every and can’t find any answer anywhere :/ thanks!

I’ve done this so many times thank you for the response tho!!