Egg pokemon... the mystery

Going back to my question on egg pokemon,
I noticed that 2 pokemon of the same species and role have the exact same moves, so choosing the 1 with most passive skills is a no-brainer, but are there any tip for what mon fit what role?
So far the only thing I got is that attack pinsir is far better than support due to stats and movepool.
Could be wrong…

I think you may be correct but Egg Pairs are significantly worse than Sync Pairs with the same Pokémon

You’re better off using Torchic, Pikachu or Solgaleo with Your Player Character

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Fair. This egg thing is just bad

It just occurred to me that a possible reason the breeders act like they don’t know where Pokemon eggs come from (other than the egg part not making much sense) is probably because you are a ten year old. Who wants to explain animal mating and sex to a ten year old? Thus we get “Here’s this egg we have no idea where it came from, but it just happens to match up with the Pokemon you have in the nursery!”

Probably not a crazy revelation for lots of players but 12 years into to playing Pokemon and it’s a new thought to me!

Ok, how did I not realize that…