Eir: Hunter Killer Build

TL;DR up front:

Got a +atk Eir over a month ago that I want to build for Mage and Dragon sniping in AR-O. My other Eir is built with Tamari and is fully support and debuff.

I need to choose a better S-skill and B-skill and I am having second thoughts about refining Splashy Bucket+ for Res, and I would appreciate some perspective of folks who have built her for fast sniping.

Tear her apart, fam

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Is everyone over Eir, or is the build too vanilla to comment on?

I looked through available B skills for her and aside from Links the options seem to be Dull Ranged and Guard. Are there better offensive options than a link or chill for her?

It depends, Eir (mythics in general) are more supportive in AR, so an unmerged Eir would be difficult to make a strong fighter. There is always the ‘Eir force’ option, but that uses her base weapon as it’s a great choice for that role.

So it can be difficult to make use out of this type of build. It would need to be her bonus season to get the most value too.


Forgive me, I don’t really remember splashy bucket too well,

The link skill isn’t bad (maybe there’s better options), but with mirror stance, she looks like you’re trying for a p/e phase res unit. Meaning, you really should give her reposition (maybe swap) to make best use of that link skill and swift stance, if you don’t change them.

If she’s for p phase sniping, though, I’d double up on the player phase skills. Drop swift stance for something, I’d maybe even consider death blow.
And if dragon slaying, naga would be her best friend if you can draw for her. Gives adv vs dragon and comes with draw back (unfortunately you normally won’t use it before attacking, so it probably won’t go too well with such an aggressive link skill, but a buff is a buff).

As mentioned, though, an unmerged Eir (especially without her prf) is probably stuck in AR, there are other dates I think you could merge up with feathers to do the role much better.

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So I can change the stance S-skill to Swift Sparrow 2, focus more on PP but Splashy Bucket is already dragon effective, so I don’t really need the Naga effectiveness, and honestly this Eir is outrunning everyone except Leanne which has been the support ally I have been using to farm SP.

Yeah, something along those lines is what I’d do. That was based entirely on you saying you wanted her to be a sniper, though, and I don’t normally think of snipers as tanks.

Didn’t realize the bucket was dragon effective (that feels a bit odd to me, thinking about it).

Not sure how I feel about the link skill, I usually have a hard time making use of link on pp units (except bow Lucina), unless you like to reposition in instead of out.


Subcategory plz


She’s marginally better versus chunky mages, but she’s still left exposed if she doesn’t double. I will need to test her against a DC F!Corrin and L!Tiki to decide if she’s got enough juice to play with the big kids.

I guess my only decision for the moment is whether to refine for Res, or Atk on her dragon effective soap buckets. What a world