Eir vs B!Micaiah

So, I had Eir on my main team for a while now as a mage tank, but she’s always had a problem dealing with Reinhardt. With B!Micaiah being green and having one of the best Resistances in the whole game, I decided to take a look at them. I’ve used my new Excel abilities to make the calculations more easy and organized and reached some impressive results. Thought I might share them with you for who likes numbers.

Details: Both Eir and B!Micaiah are treated as lv 40 +1, with neutral IVs and their base kits, no Seals. The “BUFFED” table includes ONLY the buffs that each unit gets from their own skills in the ideal conditions and a visible +6 to Res from a skill such as Res Tactic 6 (because that’s a standard in my team, along with Def Tactic, but that’s irrelevant to this calculation). The rightmost column shows the difference between both units, with the negative numbers being a win to Micaiah. Also, Micaiah’s buffed Speed includes the effective +6 speed from her debuff to the enemy. (I just realized I didn’t include her effective +6 to Res thanks to her atk debuff on the enemy. Oh whelp, this just makes the result more impressive).


Considering Reinhardt as lv 40+10 (41+4), with an Atk asset (+3), Death Blow 4 (+8), and an Atk Tactic or Hone Cavalry buff from somewhere (+6). This adds up to 62 Atk. The calculations are made considering a build with and without the Quickened Pulse + Moonbow build:

Ouch. Micaiah facetanks him like a boss. But I mean… how good is she against… a red mage? I also made the same calculations, considering a hypothetical “Red Tome Reinhardt”, just to see how she fares against a double red 62 to her face. Well…

Without moonbow, she actually survives! Considering most (or none?) red mages won’t pack that much of a punch and that she is immune to Res debuffs if she is next to an ally, I guess it’s pretty safe to tank pretty much any mage (except maybe one with an explosive AoE build might do the trick? Or maybe a Luna build?). And to bring her to her limits…

This is considering the -6 to atk she deals to the enemy and a +5 she will get from using a Res Ploy Seal thanks to her weapon. Yeah… she could tank a red Reinhardt with a moonbow build. NICE.

To conclude, Eir can tank dragons (B skill), heal 10 HP from allies every turn (C skill), can double much more consistently, debuffs Def and Res after combat, works better in the player phase and has no triangle weaknesses. Micaiah can give allies better movement (C skill), works better in the enemy phase (it’s easier to set up combat with a Bond skill in the enemy phase, imo) and can be blessed. While Eir has more to her in terms of versatility, she’s not perfect for the role I need of a mage tank.

I guess I know who’s the new member of my main team :D


How fascinating :thinking:

I think you understood Eir’s C skill incorrectly though. She heals allies for 10 HP, not gets healed. Nice job on this, may Micaiah serve you well.

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I didn’t know they were competing for the same spot on a team? :/ I see them as two different units.

Not completely correct:


That’s what I meant, but you’re right. My point still stands though.

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I know, just didn’t want to make confusion about it :feh_nino:

Oh, I knew that, I just typed it wrong as I rushed through the end ahahah xD meant to type “heals 10HP to allies”. Thanks for the correction <3

In the meta, they aren’t XD in my team, they are. Eir was the best mage tank I had so far, it’s good to finally get a REAL tank now

Oh, yeah Eir is not really a tank. She can be if her blessing is in effect, but usually she needs cc/vantage to ‘tank’ things, which does work out well when she’s a bonus unit. Micaiah is good at tanking against mages with atk/res bond 4, it’s true. Be careful because she may have so much res she doesn’t bait - you need to do the calcs to see if she needs to be by an ally or not to bait properly.