Eirforce Galeforce team options

I was considering doing WoM Navarre and Raven with 1 hit Galeforce builds. Navarre gets swift sparrow 3, Infantry pulse and flashing blade seal. Raven runs speed refined wep, swift sparrow 3, times pulse, heavy blade seal.

Not sure if over investing in pulses is a good or bad thing. Have to sacrifice smokes. Also, the seals could be wasted if they don’t 1 shot, but on the other hand they will break thru guard effects.

Otherwise I’d consider Eliwood or donnell.


I believe you mean eir force

Yeah sounds like a good plan. They’re both very nice galeforcers, so I say go for it.

The pulses are expensive but they’re also necessary for the most part (aka no Velouria to help).


Yes Eirforce

It’s fine to sacrifice smokes. Def smoke naturally comes from Eir and that’s plenty. Only thing to be a bit worried about is that not using a dancer might make the strat a bit less flexible, but Raven’s raw power can make up for that.

I run savage blow on Eir when doing Eirforce too. With one-shot galeforce builds, savage blow with bolt tower weakens the opponent enough for fairly consistent one-shots. Peony buffs should be enough to make the blade checks work out fine.


yeah, this is basically what i use. donnel, raven, sylvia, navarre, and i run IP on all my askr units as well. l! leif makes things even more fun. savage blows everywhere

if you are seriously about the strat though, you will want to invest in a dancer who can galef0rce as well, probably sylvia, and you can stick an IP on her.


So you’d recommend 3 total Galeforce units, one being a dancer, then Eir and Peony? Or are you just saying to have extra teams with different Galeforce units?

I don’t plan to rotate in a bonus unit, like ever. I know it’s not the best way to score, but I just want to have the same team available each time. I usually do 2 Eirs, Peony then 2 light blessed units (ike and Brave Lucina) for my main team.

B!Celica with her new refine should be great too in a few weeks :feh_birbpeek:

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I was thinking that, but she can’t be a WoM unit unit due to needing her B skill. Doesn’t make her bad for Galeforce, but potentially a different approach.

extra teams depending on their defense map