Elite Charge TM Alolan Marowak?

Hey guys !

I was wondering if the new move shadow bone would be worth to spend an elite tm on an already pvp ready A-Wak.
If so what do you think its ideal moveset would be ? Hex or fire spin ? Shadow ball, shadow bone, fire blast, bone club ?
I just don’t want to spend an elite tm if it is not necessary :sweat_smile:

Rather do the raids if you can. If not, go for eliteTM only if GL is your favourite (!!!) battlefield (you cannot use it anywhere else). you want to prepare it for GLopen mainly and there (but also in halloween cup ) you run it together with bone club. Fast move depends on the team composition. Fire spin gives you better coverage, so in general I suggest to use this, especially for halloween. In open GL, hex could give extra speed which is very welcome

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I played some battles late in the day Friday and faced A-Marowak using Shadow Bone 3 or 4 times. I was using Hex and Shadowball to try to get to a damaging move quicker. I didn’t know about Shadow Bone, the Fire Spin+Shadow Bone got to their move a fraction of a fast move faster than I could with Hex+Shadowball. Shadow Bone didn’t KO my A-Wak but it hurt, it is definitely an interesting wrinkle but not one I would spend an ETM on. An example of Niantic keeping players active either thru the exclusive move raid or using the ETM, I would (I plan to) go the raid route.

Using Fire Spin and Shadow Bone makes A-Wak more competitive against Drifblim using Hex+Shadow Ball but I guess they tie and Drifblim has the higher attack and launches first.

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https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/meta-implications-halloween-update-2020 - Goes over ideal moveset for A-Wak

I read that but still wanted to have several opinions about it

I think with fire spin, and in this cup especially, you want bone club shadow ball. BC for Gengar family and Galv, and SB can actually beat Azu in the no shield if you get a slight head start and they don’t have hydro pump. Fire spin because it’s far better for this cup.

In open GL hex, shadow bone, fire blast/ flame wheel could well be the new normal for Wak. Throws off learned timings and lets it nuke with both typings.

Edit. Still wouldn’t eTM my fire spin Wak though, just build another with bone since both will be useful depending on the meta


Nope, the beating azu scenario is really unrealistic and depending on IVs as well. With a bit of energy advantage you might get off either three shadow bones (14 fire spins, around 160 dmg) or two shadow balls and one bone club (14 fire spins as well, also around 160dmg), both quasi kill azu. But more realistic is that you can get off two shadow balls (making more dmg than two shadow bones plus a bone club), I guess this is what you mean - but even if the azu matchup pulls off only play rough or save some energy, a good IV azu wins.

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That topic lost me already when author wrote that you now have a worse matchup against Wigglytuff. Yeah cause everyone was using double resisted Shadow Balls against Wiggly and now will use double resisted Shadow Bones

Don’t look at the theories. Here is what you need to know and what you need to do:

Think of the role your A-Wak needs. If this is just a general performance, then you compare A-Wak Shadow Bone and A-Wak Shadow Ball on PvPoke. For most reliable data you don’t put a second move because then PvPoke will take into account that opponent takes the Bone Club baits, while in practice, people might not and thus what seems to be a winning matchup is actually a losing matchup.

If however you need specific pokemon to beat more consistently with your A-Wak then you should compare per opponent which moveset is better. Don’t involve Bone Club with it, except if you want to know whether a matchup is bait dependant or not. Because in practice you will find that people have big balls and won’t take baits and what should be a winning matchup in theory will be a losing matchup in practice

In my opinion, Shadow Bone is an upgrade, but not as much as you’d think. It feels very underwhelming against Azumarills, however you get to your big hitting move faster than usual. And this can be an absolute gamechanger. The defense drop might turn some opponents into easy farms, whereas you usually might need that Bone Club to kill and prevent them from using a move

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Why say nope and then literally accept it can kill Azu lol, bm. All scenarios are IV dependant when they’re this close, but getting off two sh balls is more realistic than two bones and a club cos you’re not letting a possible extra bubble through throwing the extra charge.

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Nope, you wouldn’t want shadow ball in most scenarios, even if in a very special, unrealistic scenario it might help you a little bit more. Ok?

Been wondering the same. All the A-Marowaks that I earned on raid day have worse PvP IVs than my existing one with Fire Spin + Bone Club and Shadow Ball. With Azumarill (lead, IB/PR) and Ferrothorn (formerly Venusaur) as its teammates, its main role is to take out Steel-types (like Registeel and Skarmory) and Grass-types. In my opinion, a small buff to Bone Club would help a lot more than Shadow Bone; for one, a slightly stronger Bone Club could flip the Bastiodon matchup.

What would be most useful is for them to exchange move parameters. As in Shadow bone should have bone club stats and be non-exclusive to both marowaks while bone club should have shadow bone stats and be an elite move for both marowaks(A and normal)

So Shadow Bone, a STAB move, should be a Shadow Punch clone and Bone Club, a non STAB ground move, should be the nuke on a fire/ghost type?

I think that will make Awak a garbage pokemon honestly

Not exactly. I’m not too sure but maybe bone club and shadow ball would give more consistency if bone club was a better move

Definitely true but it would not make sense to make Shadow Bone the useless move and buff Bone Club instead. Because then why even release Shadow Bone when it’s inferior to both Bone Club and Shadow Ball


Yeah I agree with that. Basically my point was that a strong ground move would improve marowak more then a strong ghost move

If you love PvP and this will make your A-Wak incredible then yes. For me the PvP meta changes (or at least shifts) fairly regularly so I’d say it’s at best a risk using such a scarce resource for something you can only, in theory, use between quarter or a third of the time because of league changes and cup restrictions.

I appreciate ETM use on a PvE candidate might see less use but at least I know when I give, say, my shiny maxed Kyogre Origin Pulse (whenever it eventually comes out) it will always be incredibly good against water-weak bosses and its unlikely to be surpassed any time soon, if ever.

In PvP you’re only ever 1 niantic random moveset release away from having another option that doesn’t need elite TM.

That said, I’m a joyless machine of a human being who over-analyses stuff so if you love A-Wak and it’ll give you some great playing experiences, go for it.


Personally I’m not going to do that. I desperately needed an AWak for the Kingdom Cup so I just took my lucky rank 3000+ and that has been my AWak ever since (and I have never felt it was too much worse, actually). Now I have a less horrible IV one from trading the Shadow Bone ones I got, and I’ll simply build a 2nd one. Yeaah, it’s expensive, but then I can use them in whichever format or team composition I want without spending a valuable resource (Elite TM) :slight_smile:

NO! only this

if you’re a marowak fan and you don’t have any other pokemon you care to ETM (like if you’re like me and don’t care about legendaries and don’t mind waiting for the december mass community day), and have a charge tm to spare, then yes.

I recently started using one of the Shadow Bone Marowaks I caught and I am having a great time. If I had missed out on them I might have ETM’d it myself. (I used my first ETM on an Omastar, and haven’t used any of my others since)

So yeah IF you like marowak and plan to use it and IF you have a team plan that supports the dual charge move role, and IF you’re not spending money on the TM (please don’t buy those boxes) then yes absolutely do it; it is a very good move and makes for a great pvp build.