Elite CTM query

Does anyone know when the Elite Charged Move TM lists get updated? Before Magikarp Community Day I got the CD box for the ECTM hoping to use it to get Aqua Tail on my hundo Gyarados.
I couldn’t find the move on Community Day so I’ve given it until today (the Monday following) and tried again. Aqua Tail still isn’t there and I’ve tried looked for it on all three of my Gyarados.
Is there normally this much of a delay? I would have thought it’d be updated automatically.

I think the more important question is “Why would you?”


I’ve been trying too for mine, no clue :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, I’ve got a Level 40 100% Gyarados and a 97% 2495CP one for Ultra League … and one CTM.
Getting the Level 40 one makes more sense; I don’t even use Gyarados for UL … but it’d be nice to have Aqua Tail for if I use it.

… but I’ve also got a 100% Omastar that could use Rock Throw and Rock Slide … decisions, decisions.

Premier Cup - it handles Swampert better and can bait out Metagross (or just spam it) with Aqua Tail. It also closes the gap with Togekiss, although you still lose.

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I believe Niantic has to update these manually, and it usually takes them a few days. There were similar reports with Beedrill, Gengar, and company.

P.S. my hundo Gyarados is also named Leviathan. Great name choice! :grin:


The pvp one is called Jormungdr - I love a good mythological reference! :joy:


Nice! Jormungandr is the name I gave my maxed Rayquaza. :grin:


In my opinion the best thing about gyarados getting aqua tail is the fact that people are less likely to shield a pump thinking it’s bait.