Elite move after evolution


First post on the forum :P. I have a question that have not been able to find an answer to… I just traded a lucky Haunter from 2016 with a friend and it has the Elite move Lick. Does someone know if I evolve it to Gengar it will keep the move? I have also never evolved a Pokemon with a prior elite move so have no idea

Thank you very much

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There is no guarantee that a pokemon will keep its moves in Pogo, so unfortunately the answer is no, in this case.

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Hi and welcome in!!!

All members of the same evolutionary line have their own moves and both fast and charged moves ‘reroll’ whenever you evolve anything. What it can reroll to is entirely dependent upon the evolution’s movepool and unless special events are in play, you won’t acquire any elite moves, even if it’s an elite move on the prior form.

The only time anything will evolve to an elite move will be during specific events, although as Lick on Gengar was a raid day exclusive move, as I recall, it may not be in the usual rounds of event rotations.

Depending on why you want it, Shadow Claw is just as good in PvE and generally seems to be preferred by everyone in PvP.

That said, if you really want a Lick Gengar, EFTM’s are comparatively plentiful so go for it once you evolve.