Eliwood C Slot Recommendations

Was just curious if anyone had any other ideas for my Eliwood’s C slot aside from what I got now


@Master_Squalala, @Sir_of_Coffee and @Caleb can really give great advice :feh_birbpeek: I think @Banraku has one as well :thinking:


Atk Ploy is already pretty good I’d say :feh_birbpeek:

But you could also use Atk Smoke for a potentially bigger debuff on more enemies.

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If he’s in a cav team you could also run ward cavaliers.
So that when you need to bait, he can help the ally that does the baiting.

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Here is my Eliwood :

Personally, I really like using Def Smoke as his C skill because it works wonderfully with his Galeforce and gives him an easier time to kill a sencond enemy (especially with Savage blow as his seal).


Oh well…I were sleeping and others already reply :feh_florina:

My final suggestion is may try with waves, atk or spd

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I’ve considered def smoke, but was worried it might overlap with sabotage def. I could see it working though. He’s also got more than enough teammates I run with him that are capable of buffing him, so I don’t think a wave is necessary either. I’ll see whether I like atk ploy or def smoke better. Thanks!