Ember Farming

I need advice with ember farming from more veteran players, how do you guys level up so many characters and have so many of them at high levels?? I need tips cause I have been having some really great luck on NA but now I have way too many servants and I can’t level them all without running out of apples.

Lottery farming. Unfortunately there’s a long wait until the next one.

For the time being, continue to prio events, get embers from event and MP shops and focus on leveling what’s needed urgently.

Don’t apple ember farming unless you are getting 1/2 AP.


Short answer is lotteries.
I don’t go as full ham as some of the others but it still lasts a while, especially now that everyone is maxed.
If you keep stacks in the present box then you can hoard a surprising amount of embers.
After x-mas I had enough to fully level 5 SSRs (though that included some Mana Prism embers).

Other than that I also usually buy the event embers if I have spare currency.


It’s too bad both lotteries are in the same half of the year.

It yet again ties back to lottery farming but I recommend hoarding Friend Points as well now, between lotteries. Now that 4 and 5* embers are in the FP gacha, despite being quite rare, you can cash in on your FP reserves to get a decent supply of embers - many of them class-locked, which is suboptimal, but also a good excuse to spread them out and get good levels across your whole roster.

Unfortunately, you get most of your FP from, you guessed it, lotteries. But if you’re religiously using your free daily 10-pull and then go ham on the FP gacha when the new set of bronze Servants drop later this year, you’ll find yourself with a decent pile of embers to go around.

Events are also not bad, if you don’t feel like going full ham on lottos.
Stacks of 100x gold embers go a decent way towards leveling Servants, and most events have them in the shop, and can be 100% shop cleared with natural AP.

Still, it’s usually just a matter of time before you have most of the Servants you want to use levelled, and extra silver and bronze embers are just MP and QP.

For new players, you can buy the embers and fous from the mana prism shop every month.

Event shops also have lots of embers and an enhancement rate up on featured servant.

Do the daily ember farming.

Don’t spread to thin, target a few servants to max ascend since you will need spare AP to farm ascension mats too.

Preferably to start you should ascend a roster of Servant that are AoE and ST options for each basic class (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker). In addition Supports like Hans and the like should be considered too. Then you can expand from there since you have a solid roster to fall back upon and Ember hell won’t be as huge a priority.

something I’ll comment on since other covered the real best source of embers being lottos:

I won’t criticize your choice of grail recipient but grailing a servant, especially past 90, massively increases exp requirements. in fact it nearly doubles the cost. If you’re struggling for exp for your servants, I’d suggest you shelve further leveling of Jalter until your overall exp position improves. (And I’m saying this as a lv 100 absolutist in terms of grails.)


This hurts to see.


One thing I can say is that you have spread out your resources too thin, focus on raising servants based on the one ST and AOE per class or just raise 7-10 core servants that you enjoy using.

Personally it wasn’t until I had been playing for more than 2 months before I stopped using raikou with kscope for every single node while I built up my roster

Imo there is also no need to go to the level cap for the 5 stars where 80/90 perfectly suffices for 99% of the content

I have all my 140 servants max leveled. I was lucky to being able to farm in every nerofest and christmas events.

Save every piece of apple you can get your hands on and fearm each and every ascension requirements from the rest of the year. Then blow them all up as much as your sanity and device can handle during the lotto seasons. You get a shitton of embers that way so much that your inventory and mailbox can’t even handle them.

I got 130+ units maxed out in that way in a span of 4 lotto events.

What hurts me more tbh is seeing so many SSRs and not a single support Caster :fgo_buster:

Anyway, like everyone said, lottos. Barring that, there’s 1/2 AP embers in June (17 million download campaign) and July (4th anniversary). There’s 2x enhancement bonus campaigns in April and June as well (16 & 17 mill download) so you get some more bang for your buck. Otherwise, just hoard all your embers from events and monthly prism shop.

New player here, i’ve been playing this game around 6 month, and mostly i have alot of low rarities servants leveled up especially the one that can provide support and have some utility, i think i get around 50± servants. My tips is always do the ember daily everyday but with natural AP just for the sake of mana prism and burn the 1 2 3 star embers. And do it a little bit when there is half AP daily ember and also go hard on lottos. That’s all. I can say though.

Damn, best free cost servant so neglected T_T

Lotteries have been mentioned and events as well need to be included as great ways to power level servants. The only time you should be using apples heavily in general is 1/2 ap dailies, hunting quests and lotterries
so here are general tips as it looks like you have a shotgun approach to levelling and skilling. Have a plan be organised.

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 at most. 2x max level servants with 6/6/6 skills is way more functional than a dozen servants at servants at 3rd ascension with 1/1/1 skills. Have a look at the calendar and look at the events coming up, what ascension and skill materials are in the event shop? Who can you max level and skill
  2. Never Grail until 10/10/10. Skill levels >>> servant levels past 90 or 80. and the QP costs will kill you. it’s 150mil approx qp to get a SSR servant to Max ascension and 10/10/10 skills. Grailling from 90-100 costs 60million or so for marginal benefit.

This is now my personal preference of how I decided how to proiritise servants back in the day before I maxed both accounts

  1. Do they have an Aoe NP? Do they have a 30% if not 50% battery? If they have those 2 they are HIGH PRIORITY. . A lot of events have 50% starting charge ce’s . This means You can NP straightaway with almost max currency drop bonuses with multiple servants with larger NP battery skills. This is because while you have Dantes, I do not see Skadi or Waver which means you cannot use him as a farming lynchpin with DSS (NP looping). As it stands Nito, Eresh, Ishtar and to a lesser extent Helena (who realistically is your only farming support right now )will be valuable farming squad components. Think about levelling Arash and Spartacus too
  2. AOE berserkers are valuable wave clearers especially with limited resources. Fran in particular is valuable because despite the demerits she can easily hit 100K+ at np1 on every target. 150K-200K+ on mine who is np5 10/10/10 and max grailled and golden fou’d. Not going to lie she’s tricky to use for a lot of people but if you know how and are able to support her you will 3 turn everything with 0 thought process. You need to be able to farm high HP nodes quickly and efficiently. If you had your own Skadi + np2 + Dantes I’d say she’s surplus to your needs. My dantes is only NP1 and as such he’s unsuitable for high HP nodes

Why all this?
You need to be able to get maximum value per run in terms of event points currency. More currency, more rewards. The faster you do it the more runs you can do. 200+boxes every lottery. But even then not,one of us levelled and max skilled 10+SSR servants in one big chunk. Realistically 1 or 2 servants a month for most people.

General levelling tips for ST (my process)

  1. Do they have a battery? Do they have dmg steroids? Do they have a trait bonus or ability to either crit really hard and regularly or spam their np? If they meet most of these conditions they are HIGH PRIORITY.
    Like you have Kintoki + Jalter zerker + Herc + Hijikata. Hijikata is going to be very difficult for your roster to extract his full potential as his whole gimmick is low hp, more damage. Without Herc’s Bond CE is his survivabilty that much better than Jalter Zerker who has a battery and superior np dmg output? is it worth that trade off ? IMO no. So you choose between kintoki and Jalter zerker.
  2. When you have no resources - Welfares are some of the best ones to level and skill up. You don’t need ascension materials - You should already have them from the event
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Thanks for going so much into detail!! Btw do u have any suggestions as to which servants I should focus on from each class for now???

I love mash but I never really used her so forgot to ever level her up D:

But to be honest, even as a Mash enthusiast, I wish I can have her ortenaux form at lvl 1