Embers in event shop?


Is it worth buying the embers in the shop? I feel like the 40AP ember gathering quests are more efficient than farming the event for bronze currency and trading it in the shop.

If I already grabbed the fous, it’s more AP efficient to go back to the rider node for gold, right?


I suppose the value of the embers depends on the player. I always buy them though only after I buy materials that use the same currency. Then I keep them in my present box to save space since I can only hold 300 Servant/Ember/Fou cards and second inventory can only hold 100. This way, I can always max level, or come close, any new Servants I get that I want to use immediately.

But with the fairly low drop rates, yes, you’re probably better off farming the gold currency instead. Especially if embers aren’t a major priority for you.


It depends on your bonus. At +3 it is definitely worth it in the sense that it is better than a 40 AP daily. You get about 8 gold exp per run and 19/20 gold currency to go with that. That’s without any other boosts. It’s fine, especially as you can store them

There are worse deals. Raurava is also quite bad if you lack Poster Girls to make use of the bonus. Luckily we have Tapana tomorrow, which is an all-round good value node.


This to me is where the value lies in event embers. 100 gold exp cards without taking a single space of inventory/archive? Sign me up.


just FYI,
one of the missions for CCC is to 3rd ascend BB
and buying the exp then is a bit ehh
so either buy it here and save that or save your monthly ones
your choice


There’s nothing wrong with buying experience during CCC.


@Sizzle Thank you! I have a +2 bonus on bronze and usually grab a +2 support on whichever currency I’m farming for. I’ve been running a +4 on bronze. So I’ve been getting ~80 bronze drops/run which is roughly equivalent to the ember daily, but I also get an occasional seed.

Problem is I need the gold currency…I only bought out the skulls and the horseshoes, so Hearts, Claws, Gears, Babies, and mana prisms are untouched. And I’d like to grab all of it, if I can. EXP can be farmed whenever so it’s less of a priority for me even then I really do need it.

Re:saving EXP, I dunno who you people are. I have so many servants to finish leveling. And I’m rushing to finish Okita and Nobu before we get too deep into Meiji because they get attack bonuses. I just max ascended Medb and Waver and they need ~100 EXP each to go from 80 to 90…Mebd will wait but Okita won’t. I burned plenty of apples on that 1/2 Ap ember gathering we just had…I need a lotto, guys.


100 isnt enough, unless one wants to be qp inefficent and use silvers


Haha, I think it’s because I saved up months of Embers as well as the christmas lottery embers that I can save up more now. I got a bunch of new Servants over the past two months, mostly good ones but a few ‘meh’ and ‘not needed right now’ ones, and those saved up embers went to them. I actually have 3 SRs at level 1 but I don’t really need them at this point so I’m saving my embers for BB and, hopefully, Kiara.


Generally 100 + a few silver is just enough for 60. And using Silver isn’t at all QP inefficient. In fact, you can be QP efficienct using Bronze Experience if you know the cut off points on when QP costs per card are too high.


I only break open my storage reserve of 4* all embers when I get either an SSR (read: never) or when I get an all-class servant. Exceptions can be made for really good or crucial 4* servants or if leveling is needed for an event quest.


I typically buy the the 3* silver EXP just to burn them for more mana prisims, for this event I will actually keep them and use them to get either BB or Kiara (assuming i summon her) leveled, just in the beginning when they are at level one to start off, after they break 50 it would be pointless.


Yeah, I don’t particularly care for the silver EXP…they’re cheap mana prisms. I mean, that’s 5 summon tickets right there.

So…finish the gold embers and leave the silver for the mixed node? That’s What I’m hearing?


Are the Mana Prisms and Silver EXP efficient? I need around 500 more Mana Prisms to clear DaVinci shop fous for this month and probably more for next month’s shop too. Not particularly hurting for Silver EXP but wouldn’t mind if it still comes out better than doing the 30 AP daily quests.


30 AP daily farming for prisms is never efficient mind you. A single run of Avici dwarves the Prisms you’ll get from daily farming.

Imagine if you spent all that AP farming QP dailies instead of farming Prisms…you’ll have a lot more QP to spend than if you bought Mona Lisa earlier.


@Pizza The best time to farm mana prisms is during lotto events. You’ll get tons of them and also lots of 3* embers you can burn from mana prisms.

Unfortunately, the next lotto is in September. For now, I’d just make sure you have enough mana prisms to grab summon tickets and rely on the ones you exchange from events.

You buy the silver embers to burn them for mana prisms. If I need some EXP to top off a level cap, O just roll the FP gacha and use the embers + servants that come my way.


I have already bought out the gold embers from shop and I have been buying them with mana prism too (No idea if that is efficient but I was needing of ember then to progress in main quest during 1/2AP). Have never buy Fou, both from event shop and with mana prism. Should I buy them this event ?


I am not sure how I am going to get Rare Prism to unlock them, being a F2P player. So I guess the answer would be buy Fou from event shop ?


astolfo is good at his role
post strengthening
since hes the only rider not called drake
with a np buff and a 50% np charge skill

in a game where your only non SSR np charing rider are medusa and columbus
medusa’s 20% is legit nothing and she has no buff to np yet
columbus is story locked and still hits like a wet noodle even after his buff


First, that’s not how astolfo’s np charge skill work, even dw is not retarded enough to give a servant a skill that only charges their np every 1-2 times out of 3

2nd, kintoki is also st while astolfo is aoe

while i myself am also a fan of using single target over AOEs , telling anyone to ever burn a servant with a 50% np charge skill, something that anyone could appericate
is insane

with his 3rd skill
astolfo could put any event ce or be used in event with bonus drop ces that dont even give np
use his 3rd skill+ waver and he can instant np

or in cqs with a need to aoe
dude can kscope + magus outfit or shakespeare, np
then use his np charge + waver

how is np gain gonna ever be an issue at all

@ Lost247365
help me brah