EMIYA Assassin is worthy the Embers?

I have read that his NP damage is similar to Shiki, if NP3+.
Plus, many hits on his attacks means many stars, in theory.

In the end, is he worth the embers to raise him?

I was thinking (in a far future) to maybe roll for him and do a:

Osakabehime - EMIYA - Tamamo

ok i have him np5, i will give you my expirience with him.

In general, with the same np level, outside of farming, he outperform shiki.
more star are better for more constant damage, and i often use him to charge one of my team np (the servant, someone like atalanta alter, use evade, and he use scape goat on her. so a np qq chain from her vs the right enemy and she can np multiple time.)

If you want to use him as your main dps, you need to know thet he is more of a looper then a crit servant.
his main damage came from his np, and, under the right condition, he can refill a large amount (i refilled 80% with double tamamo+ bride).

He is stronger then ppl give him credit for, thets for sure.


If you have embers to spare, then sure.

In practice I find shiki to be better most of the time. He is a slightly better star gen because of his buster and extra attack. 3 turn invul pierce is situational. Guaranteed NP drain on his NP is also good. His base np gain is so awful (even a BQA chain doesn’t charge the 20% he needs for an NP from kscope) that it just completely turns me off from using him. Nowadays I just keep him either at the back line for bond or if I am in a node that is not good enough for Shiki.

To add on, his refund is bonkers (it has the distinction of being one of the few, if not only, NP that has a lower NP gain on-hit on purpose).

HOWEVER, his default NP gain is utter garbage - arguably bottom 10% of all servants in the game. The only way he gains any real amount of NP is through ally boosting or Arts chains.

Kerry’s niche tends to be an NP looper in Arts teams that can fight in three types of battles well:

  1. Ones where a targetable taunt is important to bring in another servant or direct an ST NP to a particular target
  2. Teams focusing on NP drain for defense
  3. Need damage that bypasses defense buffs

Shiki tends to be more preferred because she’s all-around more consistent - better NP gain and a dodge so she has a fail-safe. Kerry works just as well most of the time, but tends to require more thoughtful play and has more extreme synergy/non-synergy.

So is it worth it? Maybe, if you don’t want to use Shiki for everything. They’re pretty interchangeable aside from specific fights where their niches can come into play. Kerry does have a better crit-niche since his invuln pierce applies to his normal cards too. The lack of a dodge hurts though, as well as a lack of battery on demand.

Last note, I wouldn’t recommend Osakabehime/EMIYA/Tamamo team. That’s only 9-ish Arts Cards including NP, and if you can’t consistently Arts-chain with EMIYA don’t expert more than 1 or 2 NP’s from him in a fight. I almost always run him on Tamamo-EMIYA-Waver team to maximize Arts Cards (11 including NP cards) and they can all NP drain for excellent NP lockdown.


He is “good” but not better then Shiki, and he will be outdamage by Shiki when her NP upgrade come to NA, so is only worthy if you like the character and you don’t want to use Shiki (sorry Kerry but you aren’t that good)

The only ST one, Gilgamesh Caster also have that in his NP