Emiya assassin worth it?

So I have my Emiya assassin at NP2 and really enjoy his kit. Does anyone else have their Emiya built up and feel that fully skilling him up really made a difference? Also what sort of setups do you find work best? I hardly see anyone talk about him and think he needs some love.


Worth it compared to what exactly?

Most of the talk about him is how Assasin Shiki(Which is the literal next event mind you) Outclassses him. But sure if you like him go for it.

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He can work as an arts dps but I very rarely use mine because Hundred Personas far outclasses him imo

Also Shiki is coming back really soon and sends him even further under

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There was a thread about him not too long ago. From what I recall, emiya shines in crit teams, which makes up for his low np gain rate, but mostly only at higher np levels, otherwise shiki dominates with free np5 and much better np gain.


Hardly anyone talk about him, because he overlaps a lot with Shiki, who happens to be a free NP5 4*.
Basically almost any setup that work well with Shiki works well with Emiya. Both are Art based Assassins, so Tamamo is their best support. Caster Gil is also a possible support, if you lack 2030 CE and need alternative to produce c. stars.


This one?


Shiki’s combination of free NP5, battery, and higher steroid (50% vs his 40%) make her better at farming, raids, and the like.

But if you’re running arts crit and you need stars, Kerry is the best in the business. He has a lot of utility (targetable taunt, crit chance down, charge drain, starbomb, ignore invuln) and of you can get him to crit, his NP gain is salvageable.

As for skilling him up…bones suck. Mine is still 5/5/5 so whenever I want to use him I have to borrow one. He works better with crit servants like Sherlock and CasGil than he does in traditional arts teams with Tamamo.


I do have shiki already and stopped using her since I kinda max bonded her. At what np level does he start to reach comparable damage when he has his steroids up?

NP3 or 4, I think. Until Shiki upgrade. Then he won’t reach Shiki regardless his NP level.


I mean, you just have to compensate for the 10% arts bonus difference. Kerry’s crit damage is better regardless.

But NP2 matches Shiki’s NP multiplier. NP3 should match her damage, more or less. NP4 and NP5 will slightly outdamage her.

The real bonuses from Kerry’s NP are the refund + stars + charge drain. Give him a CasGil and pop his NP and you’re golden.

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Literally no one is ‘worth’ getting to 10/10/10. Most servants operate just fine at 1/1/1. But it’s nice to make them a little stronger if you enjoy using them.

No one talks about Kiritsugu because he doesn’t do anything good. He is perfectly generic. He’s got some NP gain issues for an arts servant but he’s still a decent ST assassin. When you have a strong rider boss you have to focus down, he will help you out a lot. He has high hit counts, star gen, and crit damage mods as well as an NP drain effect on his own NP.

Don’t see it mentioned often but he also had his targettable taunt which while niche is very unique with few servants having it (only other example I can think of is Chen) but I personally prefer shiki for more consistent np gen and dmg

It is Shiki that won’t reach Emiya’s level if they have the same NP level before her upgrade, and Shiki will become mostly redundant if Emiya is at high NP level already. They are interchangeable, Shiki is not superior, people often forgets that.

Actually, Shiki’s higher steroid puts her ahead even when their NP modifiers do match. If you’re talking pure DPS in a standard Arts team, Shiki wins.

Kerry really shines as a semi-support for Arts crit teams—especially against Rider bosses. Shiki can’t make stars for the team and her NP charge demerit is pretty hefty, so she needs babysitting to stick around.

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Blockquote Literally no one is ‘worth’ getting to 10/10/10. Most servants operate just fine at 1/1/1.

What? Most servants have a NP charging skill. You need to level it up if you want to farm efficiently. Most farming servants also have a steroid for high HP nodes without which you couldn’t farm efficiently. And then -2 turn is the second most important utility from maxing out skills. You’re going to have a hell of a hard time doing challenge quests without investing in skills to lower the cooldown of important skills like invincibility, guts, arts +, etc. Most long challenge quests simply don’t work without skill enhancement. Surely you’re exaggerating. It’s not just about enjoying using them, though some skills you could go without leveling but even then you’re losing some utility.

I’ve got one too, at NP1 and at 6/6/6. I could have invested in him with some free #4 tickets, but though it crossed my mind it simply isn’t worth it from a gameplay perspective, as there are much better alternatives. The only interesting utility he has is in his targetable taunt, otherwise Shiki has got him outclassed already, and she’s getting an NP upgrade soon. When he came out I honestly enjoyed the little bit of utility he brought but it just isn’t worth anything. As much as I would like to invest in him he’s a deadweight.

If you really want to use him then you’ve got to give him a lot of love. Get him up to level 100, give him some gold fous in his attack stat, and of course enhance his arts steroid to lvl 10 and then you will find a lot of use for him.

Shiki’s not trash NP Gain says otherwise.

With proper support it matters less since it is more charge and less NP gain on face card. Emiya also has better NP refund and more star gen ie higher chance to crit. Shiki’s most redeeming quality is just her battery. Post upgrade Shiki has better NP damage though slightly and a defense down on NP to help with face card damage. But before that, Emiya has better Np damage, more stars, a guaranteed charge drain and a crit rate down. I really don’t see why I should use Shiki when Emiya is at high NP level.

But “when Emiya is at high NP level” is a big when. Most people don’t have him at high NP level.

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Depends what you’re looking for in an arts assassin.

Shiki and Emiya are pretty similar, in that they both have 1 turn Arts buffs for burst damage, ignore invincibility, ignore defense on their NP, a 3 turn crit buff skill, a way to avoid attacks (evade/taunt), and a demerit of some sort on a skill (lose 1000 health/other team members 20% debuff resist down).

  • Shiki does better for damage and NP spam due to her higher arts burst, NP charge, and her NP getting a defense down effect soon.
  • Emiya does better for stars and effects, as his NP lowers enemy charge and crit rate and his taunt is targetable rather than just protecting himself.

As for Hundred Personas, she has the benefit of a longer active time for her buffs, as aside from her evade all of her buffs last 3 turns, which fits well with NP spam and her NP lowering Arts resistance on the enemy. Her heal is also quite substantial if you’re careful about the demerit or pair her with someone that blocks the demerit like Medea Lily does in JP. She also has crit down on her NP like Emiya. There is the chance nature of the second skill, but at max it’s 80% chance so it’s pretty reliable.

In short form:

  • Shiki for damage and that’s pretty much it (until her NP defense debuff, but again, damage focus).
  • Emiya for more stars and good effects on his NP (charge down is great for bosses).
  • Hundred Personas for more uptime on buffs (if you’re careful) and better survival but no ignoring defense or invincibility like the other two.