Emiya vs arjuna

I have my emiya 1/7/9 and i got arjuna in the gssr (it really hurts my soul…) so my question is, it’s really worth it lvling arjuna having emiya? I feel emiya can be better in quest(i mean he has been carrying me) the other thing is that i just finished to do the main 1.5 singularities, and there’s still some free quest that i need to do so i can get like 90SQ from there + events + the total login reward… not counting the tickects that i will get(because i will be using them for skadi since i got shafted with 630 SQ) i will save all those gems (plus probably 2 of the biggest packs if i can save the money) for gilgamesh so i dont now if i want to lvling up (every time i see him i remember my bad luck qith this anniversary :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face:)

They seem similair, but I feel even as 4* Emiya is better.

Best example is their star gen buff.
Both have a deck not good for it, but Emiya has a 10 hit NP. Arjurna 1 hit. That’s a giant difference.

Arjurna will hit harder with his NP and is very debuff resistant, but Emiya’s crits are just too good.

Do mind that I am quite biased towards Emiya


I know that feeling, i burned him 2 times and still have 1 available …

Anyway i have both and his true worth is NP damage ( first skill is a mess with that upgrade, second skill is more a use and forgot me and last is the only good one).
EMIYA is a better choice because of skill set.

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I have both and am glad to have both. Emiya was my tutorial and did a lot to see me through part 1. Been at bond 10 for over a year now so hasn’t seen too much use lately.

Arjuna’s biggest problem is being good in a field of outstanding ssr archers. He has a battery, but awkwardly sized at 25% so you can’t simply Aerial dive, merlin, battery and go like Gil, tesla and Ishtar. and doesn’t have a useful trait bonus, because unless you are an insta death specialist… It’s not going to help much, and almost never when you really want it in boss waves.

But he still has nice face card damage, a nice mana burst, a battery, stars per turn, and an animation update. He still has tools to work in 3T comps.

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Arjuna can farm better than Emiya thanks to his battery, 25% charge yes but he has three arts cards so it’s fine. Just level his mana burst and he can clear higher HP sabers.

He is not straightforward when it comes to dealing high damage, Ideally you would want to spam his NP, its overcharge effect is 20% defense down.

What I would do is NPAA chain in 1st turn, if the 2 arts cards crit he can get his NP gauge to 50%. 2nd turn would be arts chaining to fill it to 100%. 3rd turn pop his mana burst and use his NP, this will leave the enemy with a 40% defense down.

I feel like Arjuna does get something of a raw deal - he’s really quite fine, but as mentioned he’s fine in a pool full of busted units. If you’re not hurting for mats or QP (somehow), he’s as good a target as any to raise but in terms of priority, having Emiya makes him substantially less useful so it’s worth raising other targets first if you have any.

Emiya’s kit is coherent. Arjuna’s isn’t. At least you can count on Emiya to deal damage, crit or NP. Arjuna’s NP gain is too slow despite having triple Arts, he can’t crit, and his skills are wasted on HP regen and stargen. I’d use Emiya over Arjuna any day.

I have both at NP2 and I think while Emiyas kit is definitely better no question I feel like his NP even at np2 hits as hard as wet towel, meanwhile Arjuna seems great at clearing third waves for me so far. Id say Arjuna for farming and Emiya for some single target crit action.