Empoleon Power Flux 5

Hey Everyone :slight_smile:
How does this Ability work and how much does it increase the damage?

Apparently Power Flux increases the damage of moves when the move gauge is more full. The more full slots the move gauge has, the higher the power. By how much is unknown however, though maybe dataminers have figured it out.

From what I check is something like 15-20% damage boost from casting at lowest gauge, and at full.

okay thats what I wanted to know since the game does not say hoch much percent stronger the attacks get :)

Yeah, I hope in future some smart people use their skills and extract more numbers.
Like Hostile Environment, and Aggravation. They “Raises the chance”, but how mych? Double, 1,5 times, or add static 10-20%?
Some things I can only assume like very small, moderate, and good can mean 10%, 30% and 50% like in main games. Is paralisis, burn, posion work as in main games, and how “lessen X” work?

For now only info is on serebii, drom I found out that sync moves give you 50% damage boost.

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It also gives you bulk boost so when you use sync move the enemy targets whoever used the sync move last in co-op. I wish people would take note of this but they just don’t and somehow screw up the run.