Just 5 minutes ago I received a notification from my Huawei Mate 20 that I have an update for EMUI 10. Does FGO support EMUI 10 now or should I continue to delay the update?

I don’t know much about Huawei software, but your best bet is to just wait because you don’t want to update and not be able to play anymore

I’m using Mate 20 and got updated last night to EMUI 10, no issue playing Fgo. But my Another Eden app broke.

Yeah it should be fine. FGO is Android 10 compatible and I believe that is essentially what EMUI 10 is.


Not Naisu. Dunno if I should update now. Dun wanna risk breaking the other games I play.

how good is huawei kirin 980 compared those snapdragon 855 or 855+?

You’re comparing a year old processor kirin 980 with a new snapdragon. Kirin 990 is the one competing with snapdragon 855. Kirin 980 will be slower than the two.

I had to reboot my phone to fix another Eden app issue.

but kirin 990 phones not much sold globally and its still expensive. i guess i mean in usage for fgo

Mate 20 uses kirin 980. Fgo plays very smooth in my phone. No issues. Mate 20 is a gaming phone.

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I’m playing on a Kirin 980 and FGO is nearly lag free - the only lag I’ve noticed is plugsuit swap (like 0.2 seconds of stutter), and some NPs with extremely heavy particle effects cause FPS drops (like Columbus’ with the fog effect; can’t think of any other examples from the top of my head, 99% of NPs are smooth).

Gil NP maybe? Been a bitch for as long as i can remember

Gil’s NP is lag free, I was using him extensively for Christmas.

Really? The end part when it hits always cuts my FPS. Not really noticeable, but does happen to me

I guess snapdragon 855 or 855+ or kirin 990 gonna have smoother and less FPS drops but all of them still quite expensive in my country and only huawei nova 5t that cheap enough for mid range flagship chipset